From All of Us at Ghost Whisperer,

To All of You,

Just in Time for the Most Magical (And Ghostly) Season of all . . .

Nice to see you back, and just in time for the holidays! I know that we've all missed Ghost Whisperer these past two weeks, but everyone knows that "Frosty the Snowman" comes to town once a year and we're not gonna get in the way of that so preempted we were. Besides, it gave us a little extra time to get Ghost Whisperer ready for the holiday season. And since we have some dazzling offerings for you this holiday season, let's get to it--

THE EVOLUTION OF LOVE: in the blink of an eye, take a cool journey on-line and see Melinda Gordon THE BEAUTIFUL JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT -- from the first frame of film that we shot in the pilot episode of GHOST WHISPERER to the last frame of film that we shot in next week's Holiday episode. You'll glimpse two and a half years of film in under a minute. (And, yes we did shoot the wedding scenes in the pilot episode before we shot anything else. You would never guess when you watch the pilot, that Love was 'marrying' someone she had met just that day. Shows what terrific actors Love and David are! And, the magic of television.)
Visit the Ghost Whisperer MySpace page to watch the mesmerizing transformation of GHOST WHISPERER'S leading lady

Nobody does Christmas like GHOST WHISPERER, so to add some mischief to the holidays we've embedded a special message from the Spirit World in the December 14th episode of GHOST WHISPERER.

The hard part will be finding the secret message. Hmmm, let's see, we do believe a clue is in order. You'll find the hidden message somewhere between a serious fright and a strange flight, while Christmas mischief abounds. Maybe it's drawn to the magical energy of a Christmas toy? Next week, we'll give you more on this.

The brand new holiday episode of GHOST WHISPERER is airing this Friday at 8pm on CBS. Melinda faces a ghost who just before Christmas pops up in her life and he's got his own list of 'naughty & nice'. Join Melinda on a crazy holiday journey that turns her world upside down. Think "ho-ho-ho" meets "oh NO!"

And gracing this magical episode, we welcome Dee Wallace of ET fame; Gordon Clapp, formerly known as Detective Greg Medavoy of NYPD BLUE; and RELIANT K - the coolest band of the moment. They have reinvented a traditional Christmas Carol, -- and it's nowhere near traditional now. Speaking of music, check out GHOST WHISPERER'S holiday picks (featured in the December 14 episode) it's a mix sure to put you in the 'mood'.


Kim & Ian