Last week we promised we would reveal the new addition to the Ghost Whisperer cast for Season 4 - it's Jamie Kennedy coming in to play Eli, a maverick character who Melinda encounters in the season premiere. And yeah, Jamie's got interesting things going on in the spirit world this season.

You know Jamie from some of this other work in addition to his fabulously funny stand-up: The Jamie Kennedy Experiment - who does funny and a multitude of characters better than Jamie on that show, huh? Did you see him in Three Kings? If not, check it out. And of course, he's in the Scream movies - you can expect lots of inside references on that series.

There will also be lots of online action (and interaction) with Jamie this summer. We're banking his outtakes (which are hilarious) and some of his on-camera bits - can't wait to share with you. Would love to hear about some of your favorite Jamie Kennedy moments. You'll be able to post your thoughts on our official Ghost Whisperer website at very soon. We'll let you know about the new capabilities of the site next Friday.

As for last Friday's Ghost Whisperer, we are aired one of our faves - "Cat's Claw" (Episode 211). (Speaking of favorites, we love Love in the red dress in the jungle in this episode - and heard from lots of fans about that when they saw it.

In this episode, Melinda encounters a mud-covered ghost who transports her into an eery dangerous jungle, where she begins to unravel the mystery of one of Professor Payne's (Jay Mohr) colleagues. Also appearing in this episode is Reed Diamond ( Journeyman) and Julie Ann Emery ( The Riches).

For music, we feature "Before I Met You" by Miranda Lee Richards (Nettwerk Music Group) and CBS Records artist Senor Happy with their song "Love If You're Real." We love Senor Happy's sound and have used them in a number of Ghost Whisperer episodes as well as our TV Guide award-winning webisodes: Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side. Check it out at if you haven't seen it!

And if you haven't checked out Melinda Gordon/Love the Ghost Whisperer speed-painting, go to our YouTube page - it's really cool. Wired Magazine thinks so - they did a piece on it.

Thanks for watching, as always, and check in with us next week - can't wait to bring you up to date on all the behind-the-scenes spirit action on Ghost Whisperer.

Kim and Ian