Hey, readers. Thanks for showing up at my very first My Boys blog!

So the first bit of business: Who am I? My name is Jordana Spiro, and I play PJ on TBS' new comedy series My Boys. I don't really know anything about blogging, except that it's apparently the wave of the future, and it's a fun word to say. That being said, I will do my best to make this interesting, and feel free to let me know if there is anything specifically you want to know about. I'm sure some of you ladies will soon develop crushes on several of the boys in my cast and will want to know details about them. Well, I pride myself on my honesty, so I will only charge a small fee for anything they have told me in private.

Second bit of business: What is My Boys? And here it goes...

My Boys: The Prologue (because it hasn't started airing yet - which it will on Nov. 28 at 10 pm/ET on TBS, shameless time-slot reminder).

My Boys is about this girl, PJ, and all of her guy friends. PJ is a sportswriter for the Chicago Cubs, a great gig for her because she is also a huge Cubs fan - which is not as satisfying. Frankly it's downright masochistic. She has this group of guy friends whom she loves dearly and with whom she spends all of her free time (and, because it's a TV show, she has a lot of it). They have a weekly poker night (the hub of every episode), drink tons of beer and basically sit around and laugh at each other's shortcomings.

Amid all of this maleness, PJ is looking for love and not having the easiest time finding it, opting to spend too much time with her male buddies and her sole chick friend (played by the beautiful and talented Ms. Kellee Stewart). While she wants to find a solid relationship, she doesn't want it to cut into her poker time. Understandably. Dating is lame, and you have to pretend that you don't eat as much as you do because you don't want him to think you're a pig, blah, blah, blah. PJ, on the other hand, never pretends she's something she's not, and that's why I love her.

Oh, worth mentioning: The guy who plays my brother is the infamous stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan, who, I am learning, has a larger fan base with men under 40 than Scarlett Johansson. I'm serious. They get a little icky about it, too, and it's weird. I had watched his HBO special, Beyond the Pale, prior to working with him and sat in front of the TV all by myself, cracking up out loud, which just makes me feel like an out-and-out moron.

The rest of the cast and the executive producer, Betsy Thomas (on whom PJ is based and who has pretty much become my own personal hero), are amazing, and I want to tell you about each and every one of them at length (much like this sentence). But I didn't want to write a book, so I will save them for later.

Anyway, I had the best time making the show. I really hope you tune in and get a chuckle out of it, too - especially if you have a Nielsen box. So don't forget to check out My Boys. Please, don't make me beg, because I will. I'm already writing a blog... I mean, come on.

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