Hi Everyone,

We hope you caught last week's episode, DELIA'S FIRST GHOST/Ep. 218. Kim directed this one, and had a great time doing it. In that episode, Delia is haunted by the ghost of her husband, Charlie. It features some really nice moments between Delia and Ned, as they come to terms with Charlie's death.

Tonight, FIRST DO NO HARM/Ep. 312 will air. In this episode, Melinda is worried that Jim is being haunted by a ghost whom he failed to rescue from a burning building. The show focuses on the relationship between Melinda and Jim, and we get a great look into their marriage. In one scene, during which he tries to talk to a spirit, Jim offers this description of Mel, "My wife would know what to say to you. She knows how to handle grief, she knows how to handle loss. Me, not so much. For so many people... she knows how to make a difference."

Tonight's episode stars Jon Polito (American Gangster) and Jean Louisa Kelly (Yes, Dear) as an emergency room nurse with a secret. David Ramsey comes back for a fourth time, playing Will Bennett. Ian and Kim worked with David on the film "Ali: An American Hero," and thrilled that he has brought his extraordinary talent to Ghost Whisperer. The episode was written by John Gray and directed by Ian who is currently directing the fifth episode of our new season. Like the episode airing tonight, the one we're shooting now deals with a hospital-based mystery.

The episode features the song "New Day's Dawn" by The Wilshires. This husband and wife duo of Lori and Micah Wilshire are known for their heartfelt acoustic songs. They recently composed the theme for the South African-set show "Life is Wild." Their album entitled "How to Fly" is out now on CBS Records.

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Kim and Ian