First of all, I just want to extend a big, hearty thank-you to those of you who have written to let us know that you support the show. Clearly it worked, as we will be back in production next spring!

The airing of the last episodes will be a little different now, so I hope you can stay tuned.

This will be the schedule: All-new episodes will start at 10 pm/ET tonight and tomorrow night and the season finale will start at 10 pm/ET on Thursday night.

Some of you mentioned that you appreciate the Chicago "shout-outs" (as the kids say). We have some pretty die-hard Chicago fans on our writing team who would shoot the whole show there if given permission to.

So would I, actually. I visited the city for the first time before starting the show to get a feel for it, and I've since been back several times.

Well, in one episode, we make reference to a venue called the Hideout, saying that "Sam Winch's band" will be playing there. Sam Winch is a friend of our writer, Eric Gilliland, and has an amazing band, complete with an entire horn section.

In fact, Eric is actually featured whistling for them on some tracks. I tell you, you never heard whistling like this before. It's so hauntingly beautiful it breaks my heart. Yes, whistling.

Anyway, a few days ago I was having a drink with Betsy Thomas (our executive producer), and she told me that the owner of the Hideout called her to say, "Thanks for the mention and, by the way, Sam Winch will, in fact, be playing here on Dec. 28."

So if you are in the Chicago area, stop over at the Hideout and check out Sam Winch's band. (Just make sure to record the season finale!) It will be a great night for sure.

So glad to hear you are enjoying the show. Best wishes for this new year!