Well, now it's real: People have gone home. Congratulations Ralph, you survived. Actually Ralph didn't just survive, he destroyed. That one was easy to pick.

Watching that head-to-head brought back memories. The false confidence some display. I saw that in Dante. I think he was more nervous than he wanted to let on. It also looked like they were out to get him. I wonder what Dante did that pissed them off.

Gina looked good but she was outclassed. Ralph is a 20-year pro. I wouldn't challenge a 20-year pro.

By the way, it seemed a lot nicer choosing in the coliseum than in an old castle dungeon, like we did. I guess they found a budget.

The heckling challenge was great. Once again, Lavelle sends the "don't mess with me" message. It was funny how he and Debra fed off each other. (I know that's a cheap pun, but it's late and I'm tired.) I thought Matt's line to Amy asking if she's read anything for adults was a great one. Shut down the "Matt is a kid" heckle lines right away. I do have a question: Just how small is Matt? He seems smaller every episode. Doug was weird, which is what Doug does, but it was clever and he did shut Dante down. There were some other great lines. Calling Ralph a broke Bill Cosby, I liked that one. I like the heckle challenge because it's a test of comics doing what we do.

So here we go, down to eight. Funny thing is they are still being nice to each other even as they work on strategy.

I just challenged whom I thought I could beat. You want strategy; you'll have to talk to ANT.

One good thing about this week: No one was allowed to back down. I hate when someone challenges a person they know will only get one vote just so they don't have to perform. It's weak. So good to see Mel Silverback driving the bus. He's gonna make it. He's the most tenacious ape in comedy.

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