I have not gotten into so much trouble for not completing my homework assignment since grade 9. You have no idea how many people have been riding me like Zorro for not keeping up with this blog. Thanks for caring. "I'mmmmmm back!"

Well, not to make any excuses, but we have been shooting the second SG-1 movie, Continuum, for the last three weeks and things have been a bit hectic. Not to mention the fact that the first shooting week overlapped with my wife's last week of filming her movie on Vancouver Island, so I was working during the day and being both mother and father at night. This wouldn't have been that much of a chore if my daughter Mia hadn't gotten a bad cold in Victoria, and happened to keep both her and I up through the entire first night before filming. Zero sleep is not the best way to kick off the work week. "Tough darts, Batman."

Anywho, the filming for Continuum has been great: frozen sets, Air Force F-15s and Richard Dean Anderson's return all crammed inside two hours of movie magic will be a fantastic way to finish. There is already talk of doling some more of these SG-1 movies, so keep your finger's crossed....

As for this week's SG-1 episode [airing Friday at 8 pm/ET], "Dominion," I thought it turned out really swell. That's right - "swell" (I'm bringing that word back). Multiple Baals ( Cliff Simon at his gloating best), Morena Baccarin in black leather and Claudia Black let loose make this one of our better episodes this season. (Watch for bad guy "Cordon Bleu" appearing soon at your local deli.)

Previous episodes I hadn't commented on were "Talion," the Teal'c revenge episode, and "Family Ties." "Talion" was a great story, an episode that I was a little worried about at first. When I heard that it was kind of a Man on Fire ripoff, I was a little skeptical. Sometimes in the past we have not done homages very well. However, after seeing the finished cut, it is a great ride. All the team has something to do, Tony Amendola returns in all his glory, and there are some great fight sequences. Special kudos go to CJ and Ben Browder, who did all of their own fighting in their scene together. The boys had fun and a few bumps and bruises to show for it. Although this was another episode that ran over by about 20 minutes in the original edit, it still holds up very well. One of the best Teal'c episodes to date.

"Family Ties" was a bit disappointing, I felt, and I'm not sure why; the script was a good read, the casting of Fred Willard as Vala's con artist father was a windfall, and there was a poignant B-storyline with "General Landry" and "Dr Lam" finding a resolution to their family conflict. It just seemed to be lacking something in the final cut, and I really can't put my finger on what it is. Maybe I'll address it next week, when I have more time to think about it. Perhaps more emotional fleshing out could have been done with Jacek.... I don't know.

As for current events: I will refrain from talking about them, because if you've watched the news lately, there seems to be only one thing to talk about and you already know how I feel about that.

By the way, keep the comments coming! It's nice to read feedback - good, bad or just honest. Talk again next week for the finale. There may be tears....