"HO! HO! BOO!" -- as they say in the Spirit World. Hope you caught the GHOST WHISPERER HOLIDAY EPISODE that was broadcast last night on CBS.

With GHOST WHISPERER there's more than just the spirits of Christmas Past and Christmas Present -- there's the magical spirit of 'Not-Crossed Over."

While shooting this episode, we were hard pressed for snow in sunny L.A. but our special FX team came through like aces.

The ghost who believes he's Santa was played by Gordon Clapp (you may remember him from NYPD BLUE) and Michael Riley Burke played the victim of the haunting. We had the pleasure of working with Michael in another series that ran on ABC: THE BEAST.

Some of our favorite holiday songs featured in the episode are performed by RELIENT K -- SLEIGH RIDE and HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS. And, IMAGINARY FRIENDS does a great rendition of JINGLE BELLS.

And, did you catch the secret message from the Spirit World that was embedded in the episode? Where is it? CHECK OUT the scene at nine minutes and twenty seconds into the episode (where the toy plane attacks Michael Riley Burke). The embedded message is: "The horror of darkness will surround your holiday season." That's a clue for what 2008 is going to bring in the GHOST WHISPERER world. Yikes!

On Monday at 12:30pm east coast time, you can check-out the new GHOST WHISPERER HOLIDAY VIDEO with a dash of LOVE. It will be posted on http://youtube.com/cbsghostwhisperer

We'll check back with you next week for more GHOST WHISPERER secrets. Until then, be safe and enjoy the holiday season!

Kim & Ian