This week has been crazy. I spent the Thanksgiving weekend back in Oklahoma with the family... my mom was obsessed with picking up people's pumpkins from the street and roasting the seeds. I had to get out of the car in the cold a few times to load more than a handful of strangers' pumpkins. I flew home Monday to LA morning and had to go from the airport to an audition and then immediately to the G4 studios to shoot a live TV show. This has been the schedule for my life lately, so everything went smoothly because I'm used to it.

Yesterday on Attack of the Show, we had a very special guest... I was very excited because he's fellow TV Guide blogger John Lehr. We laughed together, reminisced together, and even shed a few tears together... I think we're best friends now. I doubt he'd say the same, but I thought that if I put it out in the universe it might come true... fingers crossed! B-)If you haven't checked out his blog yet, you should, but also watch his new TV show 10 Items or Less. It's hilarious and all improv. Trust me, you have to check it out.

When I read John's latest blog I got the idea for this one: How I Got My Shows. In this blog, I'm gonna talk about my Nickelodeon show Beyond the Break, on THE N - I heard about this show last fall through a friend of mine in acting class. She had just auditioned for it, but wasn't going any further with the show. It was about surf girls and I knew it was perfect for me. I called my agent the next morning and he got me the audition. When I showed up at the audition (at some studio in Hollywood), there were a lot of people roaming around the building. Basically, there's a lot of competition. I went in and read with the casting director. In auditions, you usually have a good sense of whether or not the casting people liked what you did. And that audition felt good. I made strong choices and looked just like the character description. Oh! They made everyone audition in swimsuits!! I was in a bikini in front of a picture of the ocean. The casting director wanted to make the audition tapes look as close to the real thing as possible. That way it's easier for the producers to picture the characters in the show. So, I did the audition and felt great about it. My agent called me a week later and told me I was going on to read for the producers... again in bikini. After that audition, I got the next call saying the producers loved me and wanted to test me for the show. "Testing" in Hollywood is usually the last step before you book a job. They were testing all the roles that day, so it took all day. There was one other girl testing with me for the role of "Kai". At the end of the test - which is basically the audition again - the producers brought everyone in and told us we would be doing a "surf test". They wanted to make sure we were comfortable in the water. Two days later we were all out at the Santa Monica beach. It was cold and the waves were breaking close to shore. But, two-by-two we all went out there and tried to tackle the waves. Not many people were able to get up, because it was pretty close to high tide. I was lucky enough to catch one wave.

After that, my agent called me and told me that they wanted to book a "local hire" for the role of "Kai". I was bummed out, but in this business you have to do your best and realize it's not in your control.

A few weeks later the producers from the show brought me in to audition for the role of "Milly", Kai's best friend. She's a tough local chick, known as a "titta." Because I made the choice to play Kai a little tougher in the test, they thought I would be perfect for Milly. So, I booked the role and soon I was in Hawaii shooting. I spent two months shooting in Wainae on the island of Oahu. It was amazing and the cast and crew are great. When I watched the first episode, I was really happy to see it all come together. It was a long journey... From the day I called my agent about the audition to being on set in Hawaii. I learned from that experience to really go after what you want, and if it's meant to be, it'll find a way to work out.