Hey everyone,
Hope that you are enjoying the Bill Engvall Show. Well, it's time for another installment of what's been going on at the set. This week's show deals with a common problem that most couples and parents have.

The "A story" is about giving gifts to each other. I have found that the longer that you are married the harder it is to find the right gift. Now, some people are blessed with the ability to find that perfect gift. My wife has this attribute. I on the other hand for the life of me cannot find the perfect gift. I think that is because being a male, we just don't think that hard about gifts. Women remember the tiniest things that we say and in turn are able to turn that into the gift that we really want. I have also learned in my years of being married that when a woman says "I don't care what you get me." They really mean, "I do care but I am going to see what you come up with."

A prime example: One year my wife said those famous words "I don't care" and I found out she really does, because she never plays with the golf clubs that I bought her. So we thought it would be fun this week to turn the tables. Susan (my TV wife) cannot for the life of her find the right gift. This was evidenced last season when she bought me the scooter instead of the Harley. So this season for our anniversary she bought me the worst gift. Now the fun begins, I have to act like I love it... and it's bad.

The "B story" this week is something that all parents have gone through: Getting your kids to get up to in time to get to school. It has always amazed me how hard it is to get my son to drag himself out of bed. Now when he was younger I totally understood, because he was too young to know how to set an alarm. But he is 17 now and is somehow able to drive and expertly navigate around an X Box game, however setting an alarm for school seems to be out of his field of expertise.

So this week Trent ( Graham Partrick Martin) has trouble getting out of bed in time for school and the family decides that it is time to take matters in to our own hands. Brian ( Skyler Gisondo) tries to explain to the family that there is a medical reason for Trent's over-sleeping and Lauren ( Jennifer Lawrence) just wants Trent to get up so that she is not late so that she can visit with her boyfriend before class starts. It is a very funny episode and one that I believe will ring true with any family.

Thanks to you, The Bill Engvall show is doing just great. I love hearing from fans when I am out on the road. Thanks to you, we are bringing the family sitcom back to television. I am thrilled that we have found an audience that appreciates the fact that I am committed to providing a clean, family-friendly, and most of all, funny show that anyone can watch. We have a lot of very funny episodes coming and I will be checking in with you and giving you the latest updates.

On another note, I wanted to let you know that I have a movie coming out this summer called Bait Shop. It is another funny, family project that stars Billy Ray Cyrus and me. The DVD should be out around Labor Day and I hope that you will check it out. Speaking of checking things out, please check out my web page, Billengvall.com. You can see where I am going to be performing and maybe you can get out and see one of my live shows. Until then take care and hope that you will enjoy this week's episode.

As always,
Bill Engvall