Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side II's Peter Douglas and Mark Hapka courtesy CBS
Great news for all you "ghosties"! Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side, the original webseries that ran parallel to Ghost Whisperer the TV series is back with a new installment of webisodes, which premiered Friday! To check out webisode No. 1 of Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side II, go to

Be sure to try out the cemetery animation for clues about the mythology on the Dark Side as well as character details and the schedule for the webisodes.

As some of you may know, the Other Side exists because we received thousands and thousands of emails from all over the world from fans asking "What's it like from the point of view of the ghost?" Thanks for letting us know what's important to you!

This second round of webisodes picks up after the Season 2 finale of Ghost Whisperer, when Zach (Mark Hapka) gets sucked into the Dark Side before he is able to get help from Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt). You can only imagine how psyched Mark was to work with Love.

Here's a little trivia - when we were shooting Zach being sucked into the Dark Side, want to know how we achieved the gravitational pull on his face? We used a heavy-duty leaf blower that we picked up at a home-and-garden store. That Mark Hapka, he's a sport, boy.

We also brought back some other terrific people from the original webisodes, including director Claudio Faeh who directed Hollow Man 2, and our composer Inon Zur, who is a rock star in the gaming world! But no worries, there are tons of special surprises in The Other Side II - like a skateboarding ghost with lots of spirit magic.

You might also want to check out some cool behind-the-scenes videos that did during the shooting of The Other Side II. They've already posted a couple of great pieces! And continue to check out VEOH every week for new cast and crew interviews. We love what they put together!

Another great site,, did a feature on The Other Side II, which you can see here. They also have a very extensive Ghost Whisperercache that they call the " Ghost Whisperer Chronicles." UGO has been tracking Ghost Whisperersince day one. They're terrific and loyal to the show and we thank them.

To make sure that you haven't missed any of out Ghost Whispereronline activities, click and enjoy.


This Friday's episode ("First Do No Harm") was special for me (Ian) because I directed it. This is the second show I directed this season. The first one was "Bloody Mary". This one was not a scary one, but I think a bit more emotional. That's the fun of doing Ghost Whisperer, every week we make a different kind of movie. Sometimes funny, sometimes scary, sometimes mysterious, sometimes a "tear jerker." Unlike cop shows which tend to be a little more formulaic. Speaking of cop shows, the actor who plays the older ghost in this show, Larry Pressman played the father of the title character in Profiler, which we produced a few years ago. He's terrific.

One of the fun things in the show was morphing the young ghost into the older ghost. Armen Kevorkian and Art Codron our visual effects mavens did a great job. Other visual effects include the shot over the roof at the beginning of the show revealing the town (CGI painting), the distant explosion, as was the mouse that scampers across the roof. Cool, huh?

You may also want check out the blog of James Van Praagh, our real-life spirit guide and medium, who always has great stories to relate to the show!

Next week, we'll be back to share more details about Ghost Whispereras well as webisode No. 2 of The Other Side II. Until then, have a fantastic week.