Well, I guess the voters resolved my confusion about Amy. She's gone but had a great run, especially for only three-and-a-half years in. Good luck out there, Amy.

It was great to see Harland Williams. He cracks me up. Only Harland would wish the crowd a "Merry Christmas" in early September.

Josh Blue was funny, but I'd love to hear him do some other topics besides his handicap. He was funny teasing the comics about being back to defend his title.

The comics all seemed a little weak again this week. Gerry had a lot more setup than punch. The setup about women drinking and driving didn't pay off much. I guess if they name the comics moving on in the order of votes received, Gerry is in the lead. Let's see if he maintains it.

Lavell was funny as a crossing guard. I liked that bit. His set was up and down. He got a little blue and had to be bleeped - not good. Then again, he was doing the bit about an anal exam. It's been done to death by every male comic around 40. I heard so many jokes about it that I actually looked forward to my first probe just so I could get it out of the way. He picked it up with the diabetes/sugar bit. I think Lavell gets nervous and does some of his own jokes out of order, but he's so funny he makes it work. He closed big again.

Jon Reep brought the Southern flavor again. Jon is funny and friendly and looks like he's having a good time, but the material just isn't there. I'd have loved to see funnier Southern stereotypes than having shoes. Oh, by the way, he'll never change my tires or oil.

See you guys next week, and I can't wait for Kathleen's set next week!

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