Hey GW fans!

Tonight's episode #317 "Stranglehold" focuses on the spirit world and possession. This episode was really fun to do -- because we start branching into a new area of the mythology of Ghost Whisperer. The episode begins the unveiling of the phenomena of displaced spirits and possession. Eric Laneuville (who was nominated for an Emmy last season for directing an episode of LOST) directed this episode. Eric really did a great job.

P.K. Simonds (Executive Producer) and Laurie McCarthy (Co-Executive Producer) wrote it together. Tess Harper, who played Tommy Lee Jones' wife in this year's Academy Award Winning No Country For Old Men, is the guest star who plays the mom. She did a terrific job, don't you think?

Also in this episode we see the return of Weeds star Martin Donovan, returning as Tom Gordon, as well as Ignacio Serricchio ( General Hospital) who plays Melinda's brother, Gabriel.
As for music- we feature a great song by Liz Stahler called "Someone You Love" (UnHolYHigHwaY Music). We also feature an independent artist called The Brightwings, with their song "All I Need."
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Join us for the season finale of Ghost Whisperer, next Friday, May 16th at 8PM on CBS to get the final piece of the Ghost Whisperer puzzle. You will truly be surprised at what Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) discovers during her journey in the spirit world.

Have a great week and be sure to check in next Friday night!

Kim & Ian