Matthew Bomer, Logan Marshall-Green and Aaron Stanford by Bob D'Amico/ABC
Hello, Porters! I figured there might be a few fans out there itching for a Traveler fix today. It's the first Wednesday in a while without an episode of the show, so I figured I would come online and say hello to everyone and give you an update.

First off, thank you for all of the reaction to last week's finale. There was a lot of food for thought in those 80-plus responses. And all of the feedback, positive and negative, has been processed by yours truly.

For those who were upset by the cliff-hanger ending, all I can tell you is that we certainly did not expect it to be a series finale. If you've read this blog, you know that we made that show at the end of last year under near-impossible time constraints, and we did our best to wrap five episodes of story line into a one-hour thrill ride.

The cliff-hanger finale was part of the construction of the series, which is meant to pose one large question for each season. The first season asked, "Who is Will Traveler?" And the second asks, "What is the Fourth Branch?" As promised, I will eventually answer this question and explain all other hanging chads, so that you get the sense of closure you deserve. But I am going to heed the advice of fans and friends who have asked that I hold off on doing this until I know the final result of the "save the show" efforts.

Currently, our status of "permanent hiatus" remains unchanged, but I also know that your devotion has been noticed at ABC. So, I will wait and see how this plays out. At the same time, I am in discussions with Warner Bros. about a DVD release. I will let you know the news on that front as soon as I get any official word.

In the meantime, how about a brief summary of what Episode 9 was going to be? The very day that our order got shortened, our staff writer Katie Wech turned in a very cool story treatment for the episode. In that alternate universe, Episode 8 was completely different and did not see the boys getting back together to stop Freed. Episode 9 was going to see Jay and Tyler contact Felicia Cruz (Jay's mom), who had stayed on the East Coast after the FBI questioned her earlier in the week. To get to Felicia, Jay had to delve into his working-class past - a past he had been trying to deny ever since he went to college. And Jay's efforts would be rewarded with the revelation that his father had served the Fourth Branch during the first Iraq war. Meanwhile, Will was going to form an uneasy alliance with the Porter to find Will's handler, Joseph (the man Marlow killed in the finale).

OK, hope that doesn't make your head spin too much. Just thought it would be fun to offer you some Traveler mystery on this, the first week of our official hiatus. I'm going to sign off from these blogs now. I will return when I get any official word on anything from Warner Bros. or ABC. I will also be checking in periodically on the IMDb message board with any news as well.

Thank you guys again for all of the support. Your devotion to the show is greatly appreciated by those who made it. And if by chance you are in San Diego for Comic-Con this week, stop by the Boom Comics booth so I can thank you in person. I'll be there this Friday from noon to 1 pm doing a signing for my first graphic novel North Wind. We're booth #2543, right near the Marvel folks.

See ya there or somewhere down the road,