Hello, this is Kate Flannery, the boozy redhead from the best show on TV, The Office. OK, maybe not the best show, but the best ensemble of a comedy series, according to the Screen Actors Guild. We won, fans. We won, and it
feels good and crazy, and I'm sore. (That award weighs 35 pounds!)

I am here to talk about "Ben Franklin," the episode airing this week. There is a shower for Phyllis, but the big news is... Meredith yells at Angela!!!!! A new moody Meredith moment. Can you say alcoholic? I knew you could. How about that, sports fans? This is a funny episode written by Mindy Kaling aka Kelly Kapoor. It was fun to tell my old pal Angela to shut up. I am contractually obligated to keep my mouth shut, but they are showing this clip in the promos, so I'm cool.

The new episodes have been a lot of fun to shoot - especially because we just found out that we are going to be back for a full fourth season. Ahh, job security. It keeps me very grateful.

Speaking of grateful... we won a SAG Award the other night. Here's the link.

This is the deal: The Mary Tyler Moore folks came on stage and I was so excited to see them all in person that I didn't even realize that our category was up! The next thing I know, we are on stage with them! I spent many a Saturday night in my childhood watching this classic comedy. I got to talk to them all. I wore green. I did a "getting ready"/before-and-after piece for Extra that aired last Friday. My dress was a Dina Bar-El original with Erica Courtney Platinum Guild jewelry that [ TV Guide Channel's] Melissa Rivers told me I should buy. (Hmm, condo? Or earrings? I'll let you know.) My hair was done by Steam Salon and my purse was by Moe, and my deodorant was Lady Mitchum.

It makes me feel very poetic....

"I in my green and Steve at the mic/
Up there with Mary, Lou Grant and Betty White."

It is a surreal experience. When you meet your heroes and you are not their waiter, it is much sweeter. They are your peers. Surreal. It is a beautiful thing. Did I mention I met Julie Andrews? Now I can die! She, like Mary Poppins, is practically perfect in every way! The tax-free low-key swag bag included a copy of The Sound of Music. I really love that!

This night was so much fun. Unlike the Golden Globes, there were no invisible fences around the movie stars. The Office gang sat next to Eddie Murphy and Forest Whitaker. Leo [DiCaprio] was two tables over. And what about the
Little Miss Sunshine table? I'm so proud of Steve [Carell] winning for Little Miss Sunshine, too! Did I mention the dancing? I think the Office cast could compete on Dancing with the Stars! Myself included. I got to boogie with my old friend Kate Walsh of Grey's Anatomy (sorry for dropping them names again), and I got to catch up with T.R. [Knight], her now-controversial cast mate. He is even more adorable in person, if that's posssible. My boyfriend and I got to talk to some of the Sopranos actors, one of my favorite shows of all time.

And how did it all feel? Forget about it!!!!! The whole night felt like a dream. I don't know what I did to deserve it. There are cool pictures and videos of The Office at the SAG Awards on GiveMeMyRemote.com. There is a funny video of me and Jeremy Piven on TMZ.com with a ton of stars leaving the party. So get busy - you've got some work to do.

Sunday was fun, and I am still recovering. Not too much damage done by the Office drunk. Please remember to watch the new episode this week, of this show that is changing my life in ways I never suspected. NBC, Thursday at 8:30 pm/ET, The Office. Don't worry, Angela and I made up. Friends for life. I am going to go dust my award. Thanks for reading this. It doesn't get any better than this!