OK, here's my Notes from the Underbelly blog. Get ready! I'm so excited to be premiering Thursday, April 12, at 10 pm/ET on ABC! The pilot was shot way back in March of 2006! Over a year ago - it all seems like a blur! A great blur, nonetheless. So I'll wax poetic about a few of my favorite topics: Barry Sonnenfeld, director and executive producer; Stacy Traub, creator, writer and executive producer; and Melanie Paxson, who plays Julie.

Working with Barry Sonnenfeld, executive producer and director of the pilot and three episodes, has been an honor and a privilege, and I truly adore him. He most certainly does not suffer fools, and getting a laugh from him is like getting a laugh from Jesus. There is just something very satisfying about making Barry laugh. Maybe it's because he's so unoptimistic. Barry wears cowboy boots, sits on a saddle on an apple box, and every once in a while wears a fake mustache to set just because. I love that about him: he has the confidence to amuse himself - and the cast occasionally.

Barry is very direct in his, well, direction, and he knows what he likes. That I admire. I also admire that he drinks Coca-Cola BlaK. I swear, if I drank that my head would explode, or I wouldn't stop talking for two weeks. He has the gut of a warrior. Not only does he drink Coca-Cola BlaK, but he inhales espresso. Oh, and he also wears a cowboy hat. And he's Jewish. I believe he was dubbed "the kosher cowboy" on the RV set.

Stacy Traub is the writer and one of the executive producers of Notes. She has that "cool girl" style and shops at Ethel on 3rd here in Los Angeles. She's the kind of gal who instantly puts you at ease. Super-personable and welcoming. She will hate that I wrote that. That's why I dig her.

She was extremely supportive during the casting of Notes. I went in for a work session with her and the casting director, and we worked on the scene. When I was done, I asked about my clothes. Did they look "Cooper" (my character) enough? I was wearing a low-ish cut jacket and wanted to know if it was OK. Stacy suggested I wear a tank of some sort underneath so I wouldn't be so, well boobish. My words, not hers. Knowing I was testing in a few hours she said I should just run over to the Banana Republic on Ventura and snag one up. I did and I got the part. That's how it works, people!

Melanie Paxson is one of my favorite people in the world. We were testing at the network (the final audition) for our roles on Notes when I realized I adored Melanie. We were waiting to go in and I saw Mel hunched over like she's hugging a gigantic beach ball, breathing audibly and making a loud, "Huuuh, huuuuh, huuuh" sound. I looked at her and asked what she was doing. She said, "I'm trying to stay in my body. This helps ground me." I started doing it with her. We looked absolutely crazy, but she was right, it grounded me. And we got the part. She got Julie, and I got Cooper. That's how it works, people! That's how it works.

I hope you enjoy the pilot episode of Notes. It truly is one of my favorite shows. I'm partial, of course. Peace, and let's be careful out there....