Happy belated Halloween. I understand that instead of Halloween office parties, this year there were Office Halloween parties. Get the difference? The word got out that this year there were a lot of Office-inspired Halloween costumes. It's true. Office-inspired Halloween costumes! We have officially arrived. How bizarre. How cool, but how bizarre. Let's hope those women, and in some cases men, who dressed like Meredith look good in a one-size-fits-all denim skirt. There are some fun Office Halloween-party photos up on OfficeTally.com, and I got sent a few photos on MySpace.com/kateflan. Imitation is the highest form of Flannery.... I mean flattery. Thank you.

Thanks to all for playing my Office Trivial trivia last week. That was fun. Some of you readers actually admitted that you were stumped! Pretty cool. I generally think of the Office fans as remembering more than I do. (And I'm in the episode!) No, I am not sucking up to the Office fans. I actually find them a little intimidating. They are generally really well educated and really into the show. That is a very dangerous combo. I can only compare that kind of Office obsession to my love affair with the Brady Bunch. Now, Pam is no Marcia and Michael ain't no Mr. Brady, but I get it. The fact that Jim transferred to the Stamford branch is almost like when Greg Brady graduated from Filmore Jr. High to Westdale High. Or not. Meredith is a little like Alice. Right? Don't you wish the Brady kids wrote blogs back then? Don'tcha? Don'tcha?

There is a shelf life to these celebrity blogs. I did some very intense research and did you know that they usually last just about six weeks per celeb? Welcome to my Week 7. Or should I say "Weak 7." I am beginning to understand the dilemma. I'm afraid I am running out of thoughts and feelings. Is that possible? Or is it the booze? Speaking of booze, I play Meredith, the office drunk, but I'm taking a break from drinking these days. No, I didn't get a DUI, or hit my kids, if that's what you're thinking. (I don't have any kids.) I stopped drinking because it doesn't agree with me. Booze and I had a fight, and now we agree to disagree. Don't you worry, I have a lot of memories to draw from. Did I mention that my family owns a bar in Philadelphia? (T.A. Flannery's) By Week 8, booze might be the only thing to keep me writing. You readers couldn't possibly be interested in seven weeks of writing from an actor on a hit show, could you? It's not like I am undercover, writing an exclusive story on The Office. That's not exactly part of the job description. This is where I differ from other Office cast members like Mindy Kaling. Mindy is a very gifted and talent writer. She is also the actor who wrote this week's new episode of The Office called "Diwali." [See related TVGuide.com Features Q&A.] Mindy shares that B.J. Novak talent of being able to write an incredibly funny episode ("Hot Girl," "The Injury") and be in it. Diwali is the Indian festival of lights. So this week Dunder-Mifflin gets a spicy taste of Indian culture in a hurry. Michael decides the office needs an outing to the local high school for the annual Indian Diwali party.

I can't give away much, but it was really cool that Mindy's real-life mom and dad got to play Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor. Life imitating art? Or just a coincidence? We shot the high school "Diwali" scenes at the very same high school where the TV show Freaks and Geeks was shot. The creator of that show, Paul Feig, has directed several episodes of The Office, too. ("Halloween," "Email Surveillance" but not "Diwali") Don't you geeks agree? What a small, freaky high-school world.

The Office just gets better and better for all of us involved and apparently for some of you older trick-or-treaters. We've been having a blast these last few days before our mid-season hiatus. Steve Carell is making some movies these next two months. We have supersized an episode and are making it a two-parter! Hollywood Office fans can come see me, Kate Flannery, live on stage in my comic lounge act, the Lampshades, at the IO West this Saturday, Nov. 4, at 8 pm/PT and 11 pm/PT. Go to IOWest.com or theLampshades.com for more info. The Office fans got to see Angela Kinsey on her first talk show this week. Her interview on The Megan Mullally Show is up on YouTube.com in case you missed it. Thanks for your continued comments, despite the log-in challenges on the TVGuide site you've mentioned.

But till then, please buy, tape, download, Tivo or just watch this week's episode of The Office. This is Kate Flannery saying, "See you in Week 8!"