Is it just me, or can you close your eyes and imagine these producers are 5,6 and 7 years old too? Danggit! At what point do we EVER get to leave our childhood issues in the past? And I'm not removing myself from that statement. There are plenty of things I could point to in my own behavior that are left over from what I did or didn't get from my parents (especially my Dad) as a child. In intimate relationships, I am very needy and girlishbecause I hate that in me, I check it whenever I recognize it by looking at the origins of it and reminding myself that I am now a grown woman and this man in front of me is NOT my Father and cannot be expected to fill in the blanks that he left. While I could go on and on about my baggage, the point here isn't a free psychotherapy session for me, but only to highlight the antics that are taking place in the interactions of these producers. They take everything waaaayyy too personally when it is not about them at all! Their inability to hear each other's ideas may be exactly what ended up killing them in this challenge to produce a dating game show. I heard some interesting concepts thrown out in the beginningand they went nowhere. People allowed themselves to get shut down based on feelings instead of being objective and coming up with a show that didn't suckand it totally sucked. But they knew it! Through the whole process, they all knew it! And no one did a thing to stop the train wreck. They all should've gone home over this onebut, alas, that was not an option. HA! Imagine if a guy came up and started sniffing on you! Oh, waitthat's actually happened to meoops.
It was almost painful to watch the producers watching their own work. In the studio, they were actually sweating! I could see on their faces when they walked out that they didn't even want to show us this piece at all. But I suppose Zo chose wisely if his goal was to eliminate his nemesis, Evie. Mission accomplished. Did I almost jump out of my chair and throw my hand over both their mouths? Hell yes! And a whole argument ensued between Zo and I (which you didn't get to see) because Zo pulled the race card and I had to call him on it. Whew! Today was a RIDE! An awful, badly produced ride. Let's hope next week is betterplease?
I would like to say the Lauren Michelle Hill is as beautiful in person as she is on camera...and there aren't many people on tv I can say that about. She was totally natural and you could tell she wakes up just like thatminus the blush ? She was a real sweetheart to work with too. And JD Roth was awsome. Sooo many great ideas and I found myself inspired by the level of success he has achieved with dating shows. Who'd have thunk it??
On another notedidn't you LOVE my hair? ? hahaha.