Who knew a 30 second PSA could be so involved??? Whew! This challenge was right on time with the global issues awareness aspect and overall I thought they all did very well. As the field of competitors narrows, everyone seems to be sharpening every skill they haveincluding the 'get along skill'. And when I saw Evie hug Schliz when he got eliminated, I knew there was a chance for peace in the middle east.
I had reservations about letting Schliz go. I think he's very talented, I like his personality, and we're judging producers not cameramen. But the points the judging panel made were valid and his shots were overexposed. It's also a reminder that today's producers need to be multi-taskers of a new breed. Those that can shoot, do audio, do voice-overs, get on camera if need be, edit, direct, heck DO IT ALL!! And that's what we're looking for .
So, needless to say, I REALLY love this show America's Next Producer! I've been inspired so much by doing it AND watching it and hopefully, you guys watching are also getting some insight into what producers do and an idea of how to bring your own ideas to life. Uh-oh!