What is it about children's television shows that make everyone who watches them immediately revert to 6 year old? Hahahaha.. It was so cute to see all of the producers' faces light up when they saw the set and realized what the challenge was. "Hip Hop Harry" is one of the best kid shows out there, but dare I say that Shelby the Sea Turtle could give him a run for his moneyok, maybe not, but I would buy it for my kids right nowthat is, if I had kidsbut that's soooo 2 episodes ago.

2 things: I wanna pinch Claude Brooks' cheeks and Gelila Asres is one of the most beautiful and savvy women on the PLANET!! Ya'll better WORK!!!
I am really happy with how well this challenge went. Everyone stepped up and acted like they know what they're doing!
Jessica has GREAT ideasshe's the concept woman. Zo's really strong musical talent showed up. Evie is really, really good at brainstorming and progressing a thought into something new...that is definitely a talent.
Daniel held it down as team leader and, though he felt like he got left hanging by some of the other producers, pulled off a fantastic project. Gwenyou know you should've done the pitch, girlseems like people just need to speak up more. I believed her when she said she didn't hear Daniel ask her for helpshe was asleep! Hahahahabut he should have woke her up and said "Gwen, you're doing the pitch, bring your ass on!" Everyone knows that is one of Gwen's strengths.
Adam was doing fine up until the endand then it all fell apart. Oh if he could have just picked ONE PERSON! He may still be on the show now. There is something to be said about people who are detached from that likeability threat I spoke of in a previous blogthey can make decisions based simply on the situation at hand. When your desire to "be nice" outweighs your personal survival mechanism that, too, becomes a fault. So it is truly, as with most things, all about balance. You shouldn't be a scrooge, and yet you should also not be so unwilling to throw someone off the boat that you get tossed yourself. No one would've been mad at Adam had he just threw out a name for the sake of looking like he can make tough decisions. The bottom line is that those tough decisions that take a thick skin and a temporary numbing of your feelings are sometimes the best ones for a producer, if not for your life, because you let your instincts take over and lead the way instead of a sometimes misplaced desire not to hurt anyone's feelings. Someone's feelings will always be hurt and life still marches on.
and then there were 6.