It's odd how I am growing to like elimination. In our society, most of us are raised to believe that we are supposed to be nice to everyone, be liked by everyone, not to judge - someone may not like us if we have an opinion that disagrees with their own. Remember being on the playground and the threat of someone "not being your friend" having such weight? It feels like kind of the same thing as an adult, that pressure not to express one's dislike of a thing... or a person. To that end, sitting in judgment of the work of these producers every week has been liberating for me - on the other hand, I'm still feeling a bit of guilt for dashing the dreams of another human being simply based on the taste of a few.

Tonight's elimination brought me more guilt than pleasure. This challenge was the most intricate yet, involving a full crew, actors, sets, and still very little post-production time to put it all together. Scripted comedy, as has been said many times, is possibly the hardest kind of a show to do, mainly, in my opinion, because funny is so subjective. What you didn't get to see on tonight's show was how much deliberation actually went into our decision tonight... and how difficult it was to pick Sharon as the person going home. She has brought so much genuine drama and spark to the show from Day 1 and I know will stand out as one of the more memorable producers to walk through the door.

After watching these two teams pull off their shows, you may have a better understanding of why producers, directors and so many other people behind the scenes in television seem, and are, so crazy. The pressure is unreal, and this is especially true when the ideas you are fighting for are your own. I like that our decision tonight showed the importance of leadership in this field and hopefully gave the remaining producers an idea of the total picture we look at in making our choices. Maybe next week's will be more of a relief for me.