Hello again. Kate Flannery aka Meredith, the drunken redhead from The Office here. In case you've been living under a rock, Season 3 has begun! The season premiere, "Gay Witch Hunt," aired last Thursday, thank god, and answered some serious questions from last season's cliff-hanger. The cat is out of the bag.

The big news is that Pam called off her wedding to Roy (thereby getting stuck with chicken or fish for lunch for the next five weeks), and Roy got a DUI. (His hilariously sad, fat-faced, beat-up mug shot is now all over the Internet. Yes, it was all done in Photoshop!)

Jim was transferred to Dunder-Mifflin's Stamford branch, so there is a whole new office to deal with (a strange parallel universe with some great new cast members such as Rashida Jones as Karen and Ed Helms as Andy). Has Jim completely moved on from Pam?

Ryan is no longer a temp, and has taken Jim's job and desk (which just so happens to be in Pam's eye line); Phyllis is going to marry Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration; Michael is now in a relationship with his real-estate agent instead of his boss, Jan. Oscar is gay (and now everyone at Dunder- Mifflin knows).

This episode was groundbreaking ? a man kissed another man! That's right, Michael kissed Oscar. Steve Carell said the word "faggy" on national television five times. (And the word "retard" twice.) Oscar will be going on a trip to Europe. But the most important news is that Meredith ate hand sanitizer! (Hey, I write this thing, so I get to bring it up.)

In answer to some questions from fans, friends and family, hand sanitizer is mostly alcohol. Meredith is an alcoholic. You do the math. (Remember Kitty Dukakis' similar issue with hairspray?)

Now, I did not actually ingest hand sanitizer. If I did, I'd be sick or dead. The props department made up a batch of clear Knox gelatin and club soda (for the bubbles) and replaced the regular hand stuff with that tasteless concoction. It kind of tasted like perfume. I don't recommend it. So all you crazy magic-marker smellers looking for a cheap high, please, do not try this at home!

There was a big party for the cast and crew to celebrate our season-opener. I was on a plane to Vancouver for the CanWest Comedy Festival (to do my act, the Lampshades), but I heard it was a great time. (My boyfriend gave me a full report.) Not a big surprise, the ratings were through the roof! The best since February 2! I don't know if you Office fans realize that our first two seasons meant one thing: Sweating the night out until the next morning's trade papers reported our ratings. Sometimes the ratings were so low they were scary, especially the first season when we aired on Tuesday night against The Amazing Race and that singing show that everyone's into, "American Idle." I wish they had older contestants on that show. Did I mention that I sing? I have a comic lounge act ( The Lampshades). If they had older contestants, I think they should be really old and wear colonial-era costumes. They could call it "Early-American Idle." But I digress.

This week's episode, "The Convention," is directed by Ken Whittingham and written by Gene Stupinsky and Lee Eisenburg. This is one of the few episodes that didn't have a ton of scenes in the Scranton Dunder-Mifflin office. "The Convention" gave some of the actors, like me, a few days off. Usually we shoot all week, meaning long, long days at our desks for the usual suspects, like Creed, Stanley, Toby, Kelly, Angela, Phyllis, Kevin and me. Our show is growing up. Thank you to all of our fans for making our show the hit that it has become.

As for what exactly happens, I can't tell you everything, but... Michael and Dwight from the Scranton branch, Jim and Andy from the Stamford branch, and everyone's boss, Jan, all go to a paper convention in Philadelphia (which happens to be my hometown). I'd love to tell you about our amazing trip to the City of Brotherly Love, our visit to the Liberty Bell and to the Betsy Ross House, but I can't. It was shot in Burbank. Too bad. I'd hoped that Meredith could go drinking at T.A. Flannery's Irish bar, my family's bar at 21st and Ludlow in Philadelphia. (For real!) But it was not to be.

You know that a lot of The Office actors have MySpace pages, so please feel free to write us. (Us being Jenna/Pam, Angela, B.J./Ryan, David/Roy, Brian/Kevin, Creed, Paul/Toby, and me, Meredith, the redhead who's blog you've been reading).

Please write. And for god's sake... watch The Office.

NBC's The Office airs Thursdays at 8:30 pm/ET.