I knew I loved this show! For anyone who has ever wondered how TV gets made and what goes on behind the scenes, let me tell you: This stuff is the real deal! I can't count how many arguments I have witnessed behind the scenes, when the cameras are off, when there's no studio audience around. Heck I've been involved in many of them started some of them.

The fact is that television is just like any other industry that puts different personalities together who then have to reach a goal. You probably have a lot of disagreements and fights at your job, too, but the difference is you have a boss and these nine producers are the bosses! So tonight, they had to create a reality series around a celebrity. It happens every day but, as you can see for yourself, is not as easy as it looks. Can you imagine how many ideas are thrown around in this town daily that never see the light of day?

Oh! The egos!! To be honest, I had no idea while we shot these shows that so much went down behind the scenes. I wasn't allowed to interact with the contestants at all off camera, which kept it fair and allowed me to judge them on what they put on the screen in each challenge. So I watched this show with my jaw on the ground darn near the entire time! Whhhoooooohhooo! That Sharon is a fireball! But I'm telling you, I would watch that show about the biological clock ticking that was genius and I loved how willing she was to put her own business out there like that when their celebrity canceled. I'm also afraid that someone is gonna choke Zo before the season ends and it may just be Evie. I honestly like strong personalities and can't stand pushovers so I may feel a bit differently about how that drama is going down. Usually when you stand up to bullies right away, they stand down. I felt bad for Lindsay going home because she seems to be a very talented producer, but she was the team leader and didn't deliver. Like it or not, every week we have to get rid of someone... and, from having lived it, I can tell you that it got harder and harder the closer we got to the end. Our producers are witty and creative, and they're putting everything they've got into this. I'm proud of the people moving on to Episode 3.

PS: Chris Moore is a hottie!! :)