Whew! First elimination down! Sending someone home is, honestly, the worst part for me. I will say that I am so relieved to have such a talented and creative group of contestants on this show! You know, you never can tell what you might get when it comes to reality TV, and you know what I'm talking about. But we have 10 (well, now nine) smart, creative, fun people! Yay!!

And still, as I'm sure you noticed, the drama has already begun. David H., Matt [Roush], David F. and I were downstairs deliberating and all of the sudden we heard "BOOM! CRASH!" upstairs, like there was a real fight going on. Then we find out: there was! Well, a verbal one, anyway, but it felt like it could've come to blows for a minute there.

In case you didn't see it, Gwen said to Sharon, "Shut the f--k up," which set Sharon off! Some people may not have gotten upset at this, but everyone is not the same. What's always been crazy to me is that we're a nation made up of all these wonderfully different people, but we constantly want to pretend that we're all the same. Maybe in some human ways we are, but culturally, there are some definite differences and one of them reared its head today: You talk to everyone any ol' kind of way and, like Sharon said, it could get you beat down in certain places and around certain people.

This is not a fact many in the mainstream like or want to accept, so I challenge them to walk into any brown area of the USA and start talking mess in someone's face to get an intimate understanding of just what the reality looks like. We could debate about the reasons certain groups are like this all day, but for what? People are who they are for whatever the reason. Period.

I am interested to see how this plays out between Sharon and Gwen. I'm also curious to see who the next producers to butt heads will be. Lots of type-A people on one set!

Overall, I think that we have some wonderfully big personalities, that everyone is stressed out (which is a good thing), and that these contestants better get used to the grind, lack of sleep, working with people they don't like, and pulling brilliance out of thin air in minutes or they will be on their way home like Bradley.

This is really going to be a great ride. See you next week!


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