Hey GW Fans-

Tonight's episode 315 "Horror Show" was a fun one to put together. In this episode Melinda investigates a local college student who experiences hauntings- straight out of the movies. It's a show like we've never had and Ian had a great time directing it.

When coming up with the storyline for this episode, the writers and post-production departments alike watched dozens and dozens of scary movies for inspiration. By the end of it, I think we all became masters of scare! If you watched it tonight you'll have noticed that it pays homage to many classic horror films like Psycho, The Exorcist, The Grudge, Chucky, The Blair Witch Project and I Know What You Did Last Summer (starring Jennifer Love Hewitt!) among others.

Speaking of Love, she was a real trooper while shooting this episode. I mentioned in another blog that she had to run around on set for several hours chasing our ghost, and hurt her ankle! Thankfully she's almost completely better, and working as hard as ever.

Our other stars in this episode include Jonathan Murphy (October Road) and Leah Pipes (Life Is Wild). And in the world of music, you'll hear the great song "Capsize" by Spencer Tracy (Embryo Records).

If you haven't heard yet, you also have the chance to own some of the pieces that Love wears on the show! Go to http://www.cbs.auction.seenon.com and check out the first ever Ghost Whisperer Auction. My favorite piece is the black belt from an Australian designer Willow- the design is incredibly intricate and beautiful. If you get a second also be sure to take a look at the widget we created at http://www.fansofgw.com/widget. When you click on "Ghost Whisperer Videos" make sure you watch our newest online creation, the Spirit Origami- a wonderful piece done by the talented Nori Shirasu. You can also watch the video on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hc42gRK-TWk.

After you watch the show and the Spirit Origami video- get the chatter going with other GW fans on http://heynielsen.com to discuss! We hope you will passionately chime in on what you think works on the show and what you want to see more of. Your opinion is very important to us!

Alright, that's it for now but make sure you tune in to next week's all-new episode- which brings some surprises for Professor Payne (Jay Mohr) and Melinda Gordon (Love)!

Until then

(Ian says hello- he's out on the set with the actors and crew right now!)