England was funny. I like the U.K.'s dry, sarcastic wit. Now some people... well, let's be honest, all people wonder about Buddy and how he made the night round. Well, people, there are some things you don't see, and you didn't see Buddy come in and hand us his comedy manifesto. If you have a manifesto, I'm with you. Never piss off a psycho with a manifesto, that's my motto. Besides, he called ANT "Francis," which gave me and Kathleen something to laugh about the rest of the tour. Matt was probably my U.K. favorite; the little guy is funny.

Minneapolis was the hardest city to pick from. All the comics were great. Well, maybe not all of them, but there were more great ones than we could advance. Next year I hope some of them have the money to fly to Australia, where the pickings are slim. I loved the way Doug Benson came back and parodied a high-energy Doug Benson. That kind of thing is a true comic move.

Which brings up another topic: experienced comics. Many people are blogging, e-mailing and generally complaining to anyone who will listen about comics they have seen before on TV or elsewhere. Yes, we have pros. Pros are funny, and we like funny. The show isn't just about "new" comics, it's for comics. An open-mic rookie TV show would be funny for about eight minutes. Guys like Doug or Bob Zany have paid dues and may be known in the comedy world but deserve a shot at prime time. If they bring the funny, we give them the shot. Kathleen writes about it in her MySpace blog - check it out.

Let's face it, the guys on Top Chef or Hell's Kitchen have probably cooked before, and I'm thinking the fighters that were on The Contender may have been in a scrap or two before lining up to take a beating. Most of those on The Apprentice have probably been to college. We certainly aren't going to ask the comics to do that. Now, there are some common errors, rumors and mistakes out there. Raven Snook, who blogs about Last Comic Standing here at TVGuide.com and was nice enough to compliment my arms and tattoos, wrote that the pros get a pass to the night round. Not true. Many of them do have scheduled auditions rather than wait in line, but they have earned that. Hey, if the new guy on your job was treated the same as you, you'd be upset.

Back to Minneapolis. Great comics, and I was at Acme this past weekend doing my own shows. I had a great weekend, and thanks, Minneapolis, for being so funny and for supporting comedy. I guess being inside all winter leads to some pretty good jokes

P.S. Keep Kevin Garnett.