Hey! I'm Michelle Stafford and I play Phyllis Summers Newman on CBS' The Young and the Restless. This is my first entry for my new TVGuide.com blog. TV Guide soap-opera guru Daniel Coleridge invited me to write this, so here it is....

My body is very tired because I've been crying for the last three days on the show. I've been working with Christian [LeBlanc, Michael on The Young and the Restless], and he's out of his mind. When Christian and I rehearse, I like to walk around The Grove (great shopping center, right next door to where we tape at CBS Television City) and run our lines, and go to my favorite Brazilian restaurant at the Farmers Market (adjacent to The Grove). Even if we're two hours away from shooting, Christian is hesitant to leave the studio. Christian likes to run, and run, and run the lines. I like to run the lines a few times. Peter [Bergman, who plays Jack] likes to run the lines a few times too. Josh [Morrow, who plays Nick] doesn't like to run the lines at all.

Christian and I had lunch together yesterday. I had the chicken and macaroni and cheese. I am a big fan of the macaroni and cheese at our beautiful CBS commissary. I even go to the salad bar and put a couple big scoops of bleu cheese on top of the macaroni and cheese. I make my own three-cheese macaroni and cheese. Christian had a scoop of tuna on lettuce. I think he has a bed scene coming up. I noticed that some of the men get more nervous about "dropping trou" than the women do. Sharon Case [who plays Sharon] isn't nervous at all about it. I myself make the crew turn their backs to me if I have to take my clothes off. And I make Josh close his eyes. He's a married man, after all. And I have to look his wife in the eye. One time in a scene, my bare back had to show, and I said to him, "All right, I'm going to have my boob right on you. Can you deal with it?" He said, "I think I can." Then I put a piece of paper in between our skin, because he's a father of two young boys and I have to look them in the eye as well. Josh keeps on telling me he's already seen them (my bare breasts), but I know he hasn't because I am very careful about hiding them when we have those scenes. When Josh and I do our love scenes, we are laughing and goofing off right up to the moment of action. I'm shocked that anything good ever comes of it.

When I do my love scenes with Sharon... Oh no - forget that - that's a future story line. Nevermind. Oh shoot, I shouldn't have let that slip.

What else? I was there last night until 9 o'clock. The cleaning crew was standing outside of my room waiting for me to leave. I'm very happy that we have a shopping center right next door to our studio. During my time off, if it's during the day, I usually go shopping at the Gap. I am a big fan of the Gap. What happened to the $25 t-shirts? That's what I want to know. If I have a lot of time in between scenes, sometimes I'll see a movie at our fabulous movie theater inside The Grove.

We have a four-day weekend at work so we'll all get to relax and take some time off. We are now shooting six shows in four days at work. We are there longer hours, but we get more days off. I like this new schedule.

Anyway, stay tuned to this blog. I will have more fun and frolicking for you in the future. Those are a lot of F's right there.

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