I think I've used up all of my good karma for a long while, what with Men in Trees getting picked up and moved to after Grey's Anatomy, and the swift and crushing Bears victory on Sunday. To be honest, I'm not a huge football aficionado in general, but I am from Chicago, so I really have no choice but to be a rabid and unquestioning Bears fan. Our producer, Rick Wallace, also hails from the Windy City, so we've been spending a lot of Sundays at the local Vancouver sports bar, along with John Amos, who plays Buzz. Here's some Men in Trees trivia for you: John Amos used to play football for the Kansas City Chiefs!

You don't have to wait until the Super Bowl to see some Bears action, because we have a very special appearance by a bear on tonight's episode of Men in Trees, "Bed, Bat and Beyond." From the title you may be able to guess that a certain winged creature will also be making an appearance. I know I've been talking about how much we all love each other up here on the show, but the bear might have taken it too far. James Tupper went for a "meet and greet" session with the bear a few days before he was going to be shooting. Apparently it was good for the bear to get a good smell of James so he'd be familiar with him. Derek Richardson requested that we did this before we worked together, but I said no. (He doesn't read this blog, so I can make up whatever I want about him.) When James and the bear got together, the bear got up on his hind legs, put his paws on James' shoulders, and licked him in the face, actually sticking his tongue in James' mouth! I think the bear should have been included in the sexual-harassment seminar Warner Bros. gave us all when we started shooting Men in Trees.

In this episode, Patrick is having money troubles, which I'm sure we can all relate to from some point in our lives. With Marin moving into her new house and Lynn moving in with Jack, not a whole lot of revenue is coming in. The other day I was thinking about how our show is one of the few shows on TV that represents working-class people. Sure, Elmo has a celebrity like Marin ( Anne Heche) and a millionaire like Ben ( Abraham Benrubi), but most of the town are working regular jobs, making a regular wage. Look at almost all the TV shows out there, and they're about doctors, lawyers, fabulous people.... Where are the people who make up most of this country? OK, I'll get off my soapbox, but I'm glad to be on one of the few shows that isn't just showing us what it's like for the rich people.

Last week Sara ( Suleka Mathew) returned to Elmo, which I'm sure everyone's dad is very happy about. We have discovered that men in general, but particularly dads, seem to love Sara. Jane ( Seana Kofoed) also returns to Alaska to spend a little more time with Plow Guy (Ty Olsson). I love both Sara's and Jane's story lines because they're about how two female friends deal with a new man coming into their lives. In Sara and Theresa's case, it's a genuine love triangle, and you don't see scenes very often where two women talk about it as honestly as they do. With Marin and Jane, they have to deal with Jane having less time for her best friend because of her new romance with Plow Guy. I think every woman has experienced this - when you start up with a new boyfriend, you're not around all the time for your single girlfriends anymore, and it can be hard to negotiate that transition.

Can I take a moment here and thank all of you again for your kind words about my blog? To be honest, I still have a hard time believing that people are reading it, but apparently you are. Regarding the Men in Trees show-commentary blog that's been taken down, I have passed along your comments to the folks at TVGuide.com, and I am happy to report that the mystery has been solved. The staff writer who wrote the commentary each week on Men in Trees is no longer working there. They are, however, in the process of finding someone else to write it, so it will return. Until then, I'll be holding up my end of the blog here, although please don't use my blog to post comments with subjects like "Annie sucks!" because I do actually read them. (The rest of the stuff out there on the Internet I stay away from.) Every actor has to learn the lesson not to Google themselves, because even if everyone out there loves you, there's always going to be someone who really, really hates you, and that's all you're going to remember. So I think I'll stick with you guys.

See you in a couple of weeks.... I need to save my energy to root for the Bears on Super Bowl Sunday!

ABC's Men in Trees airs Thursdays at 10 pm/ET.