I've been the only female on most of the occasions in my life so it's not new to me. But I really have a blast with John and Dicko judging The Next Great American Band.

A lot of times, the guys will make fun of me. They'll say, "You dress so well on and off stage. I don't even care about combing my hair!"

But I think it's really important how you present yourself. Every week, the contestants are getting better. Honestly, it can make or break a band. They're conscious of how they look and they're cleaning up more. Some of them are actually changing their attire based on comments I've made.

I think the bands did a great job this week. They performed songs by Lieber and Stoller, these cool songwriters who have written for artists like The Drifters, The Coasters and Michael McDonald. It was a little bit difficult for the younger band like Light of Doom to relate because they weren't even born when half of these songs were made! But I think they all did a great job.

The winner will be a band that can make a statement with their music. We're looking for the next Elton John, The Beatles, Billy Joel, you know? I absolutely believe we have these kinds of bands on the show.

It's also been great for my career to reach millions of people in one evening as opposed to months and months of touring. I'm having a lot of fun because music is my life. It's what I do and who I am.

Would I sign on for another season? Absolutely. I'm having a great time!

Fox's The Next Great American Band airs Fridays at 8 pm/ET.