Well, this week's show is one of our favorites, "Bad Blood." It's scary, theatrical, and fun. We call it our "haunted house" show. The house where it was shot is on the Universal back lot and was originally built for the musical film Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, which starred Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds. You may recognize some of our guest stars: Alan Ruck of Spin City and Ferris Bueller's Day Off; Kay Panabaker of Summerland; and Kathleen York from The West Wing. The music is fun and in addition to Mark Snow's quirky score it features Ben Lee's "Love Me Like The World Is Ending" (New West records), and Two Hours Traffic's "Better Never Than Late."

As an interesting aside when you see the ending of the show, there is an explosion, which was originally planned to be bigger, but the California fires were still burning when we shot the show and we felt we should be more conservative rather than go all out with a giant "fireball."

This week is the posting of the last episode of the web series THE OTHER
on our website. The characters BJ and Zach go there separate ways and Zach heads off to Grandview where he'll once again confront Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt). The General Motors Saturn in the webisodes also may turn up on Ghost Whisperer and some lucky winner will win a trip to the Ghost Whisperer set and someone will drive off with the cool auto.

Also as an added feature on the website we have posted Tarot Cards, and your fortune can be read by the Spirits, which you can see at CBS.com.

Have a safe and good weekend.

Kim and Ian