Hi Everyone,

We spent this week shooting our third episode of the new season where we're taking Ghost Whisperer to Avatar World! This is going to be an especially cool show, as Melinda will spend part of it trapped in a virtual video game world. We're shooting two full days in front of a green screen, so that we can create an intricate 3-D space in post production. This should keep Armen Kevorkian and Art Codron, our visual effects whizzes, pretty busy for a while.

We're also getting ready to hit the costumed media extravaganza that is San Diego Comic Con. Ghost Whisperer has a panel on Sunday that will feature Ian and Kim, along with the gorgeous Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jamie Kennedy and exec-producer PK Simonds. If you're at the convention, stop by and ask all your burning Spirit World questions. We can't wait to see you!

Tonight, THE CRADLE WILL ROCK/Ep. 216 is airing. In this tension-filled episode, Melinda survives the gunpoint robbery of a jewelry store only to find herself trapped with a spirit who she met at the scene of the crime.

This show stars Shawn Christian (Days of Our Lives) and Brian J. White (Moonlight). It was written by Jed Seidel, and was directed by one of our cinematographers, Jim Chressanthis.

Music-wise, we feature the songs "Suddenly I See" by KT Tunstall (Virgin Records) and "Boston" by Augustana (Epic Records).

Thanks for watching, and check back next week for more Comic Con details!

Kim and Ian