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Love Sick

Sunday's Brothers & Sisters is a glorious confection, sort of like something that Marcel of the addictive Top Chef might have made this season — perfectly constructed, a bit exotic and just slightly unhinged. Its subject: The horrors of romance as Valentine's Day approaches. Its authors: Our youngest writers, two troublemaking boys named Cliff Olin and Peter Calloway, who are hip beyond their years. (Both writer-boys are hovering at the frightening precipice of their mid-bloody twenties. I would get rid of them, but there's a law against clubbing baby seals.)Now, some backstory. Valentine's Day began many centuries ago to commemorate two Christian martyrs named Valentine, but has devolved, like most holy things, into a horrid and syrupy commercial holiday based mostly on the marketing of greeting cards, chocolates with wretched liquor centers, and overly red roses bred to capture the imaginations of gullible last-minute shoppers.And yet...Whose heart hasn't skipped a beat u... read more

Super Mario

It is a sad state of affairs here at the Bergl Vancouver household. It's 3 am, and I would describe my living room as a crack den, but it's in such disarray that I would probably offend the crack addicts who read this blog. I think the Super Bowl really took away all my spirit for a while. At first the game was really looking good for me. Not only did Devin Hester do his thing and score a touchdown in the first 30 seconds, but I was also surrounded by various cast and crew of Men in Trees at the White Spot, which is a traditional Vancouver burger joint. Before I watched the Super Bowl with other TV actors, I had never seen anyone eat grilled chicken and steamed vegetables on game day. I won't tell you who the offending parties were, but I suppose we can forgive them for doing something so un-American on such a sacred day, considering we were technically watching the game out of the country. I think you all know the outcome for my beloved Chicago Bears, and the disappointment was fel... read more

My Dancer Within

This week’s episode of 'Til Death is called “The Bachelor Party.” Eddie (Brad Garrett) finds out that Jeff (Eddie Kaye Thomas) never had a bachelor party and decides to throw him one. So Eddie, Jeff, Cofeld (Anthony Anderson) and Stan (Jerry Lambert) go out to a strip club to “celebrate Jeff’s bachelorhood” even though he’s been married to Steph (me) for six months.So when I walked in Monday morning for the table read, I couldn’t help but notice that the set of our strip club was fully equipped with a beautiful, shiny brass pole, situated at the end of a glossy black catwalk. On a whole third of our stage, a large and well-appointed strip club had been expertly replicated by our fantastic ‘Til Death set-design and set-decoration team. The club is called Flesh Gardens.We did the table read and it went great — the script is fantastic — but secretly there was a part of me that couldn't stop thinking about the stripper pole. I just ... read more

No Weddings and a Funeral

Hello, everyone, this is Dean Collins from The War at Home. (I play Mike.) I've never written an official blog before, so here goes.The next episode of the The War at Home, airing Thursday at 8:30 (on Fox), is called “No Weddings and a Funeral.” For this episode, we had a bunch of guest stars, including George Segal and Jamie Farr, who were both awesome to work with and totally down-to-earth. We also had to construct a mock airplane set, which made filming a much more complicated process than it usually is. Normally we film in four-camera, which means that each camera can get different coverage simultaneously and as a result we can finish a scene in just a few takes. In this particular episode, the plane set forced us to shoot more like a one-camera show, requiring many more takes than usual. But we did it, and it turned out great! Since I was on that plane set for such a long time, the prop master on the show (John) gave my character a Gameboy to play with. It was a Ninte... read more

February 1, 2007: Ben Franklin

Hello, this is Kate Flannery, the boozy redhead from the best show on TV, The Office. OK, maybe not the best show, but the best ensemble of a comedy series, according to the Screen Actors Guild. We won, fans. We won, and itfeels good and crazy, and I'm sore. (That award weighs 35 pounds!)I am here to talk about "Ben Franklin," the episode airing this week. There is a shower for Phyllis, but the big news is... Meredith yells at Angela!!!!! A new moody Meredith moment. Can you say alcoholic? I knew you could. How about that, sports fans? This is a funny episode written by Mindy Kaling aka Kelly Kapoor. It was fun to tell my old pal Angela to shut up. I am contractually obligated to keep my mouth shut, but they are showing this clip in the promos, so I'm cool.The new episodes have been a lot of fun to shoot — especially because we just found out that we are going to be back for a full fourth season. Ahh, job security. It keeps me very grateful.Speaking of grateful... we won a SAG... read more

The Golden Globes and Playboy, Oh My!

Yes, the Golden Globe Awards were a couple of weeks ago and all of Hollywood has already moved on to the Oscars. But allow me to take a step back and tell you of my experiences at some of the Golden Globes after-parties. I was standing outside one of the parties, about to walk in, when the fire marshall came to the door and said no one else would be allowed in. They were at capacity and we would have to wait for some people to leave; there were two large groups of people all dressed up, waiting to start partying. Standing next to me were stars from Grey's Anatomy, The Office and Desperate Housewives. I was definitely in good company. Time was going by very slowly as we all crammed into this small area. I was looking around me and noticed that Dr. McSteamy is as gorgeous in person as he is on TV. As our patience started to wear extremely thin, a ray of hope shone through. We heard a security person yell for the entire mass of celebrities waiting to separate into two lines. Yes! We we... read more

We're Back!

When I read that Steadman blew his head off, I was totally surprised! That's what I love about Prison Break [Mondays at 8 pm/ET, on Fox] — I can never guess what's gonna happen next.As for Bellick, he's in for a rude awakening. Ouch!It seems like nothing is the way it seems on this show. Both Kellerman and Mahone are two-faced, so which face is gonna look at you next? The only "good" guys left are the Brothers, Sucre and C-Note. They are running for love and family. I ain't even gonna talk about T-Bag — what's he running for?The scripts continue to be page-turners full of unexpected twists and turns. We are shooting Episode 219 — that's five episodes ahead of what's airing — and we're dealing with the Texas weather's twists and turns. It doesn't get as cold as Chicago, but we have had some sleet and ice. Makes for some cold and frosty days on location. Even the threat of ice or snow shuts Dallas down. They close the schools here over a bad weather report!Rumors a... read more

Blogging Along....

Kate Flannery, aka The Office's Meredith, here. Just a quick word this week. "The Coup" is showing this week and it is a rerun with some of the best Michael/Dwight scenes. I love the Dwight/Jan scenes. Melora Hardin (Jan) is so hilarious. She plays her comedy straight up. No mixer, no ice. Neat. Like a three-finger pour. Dry. I am thirsty.I am just coming down from the Golden Globes high. I returned my borrowed jewels and wiped the residual eyelash glue out my eyes. Being an actor is so insane. This week has been really fun. We have been shooting a very big episode this week that I can't speak about yet, but it involves love and cake. My costume was reminiscent of that NBC classic comedy, Golden Girls — you know, shoulder pads and gold thread. Meredith is as real as the woman behind the desk at your local DMV. Reality in fashion. That's The Office.The Office is getting bigger and better. Last week's episode put the ratings through the roof. The Office was the No. 1 sitcom last ... read more

Bed, Bat and... the Bears!

I think I've used up all of my good karma for a long while, what with Men in Trees getting picked up and moved to after Grey's Anatomy, and the swift and crushing Bears victory on Sunday. To be honest, I'm not a huge football aficionado in general, but I am from Chicago, so I really have no choice but to be a rabid and unquestioning Bears fan. Our producer, Rick Wallace, also hails from the Windy City, so we've been spending a lot of Sundays at the local Vancouver sports bar, along with John Amos, who plays Buzz. Here's some Men in Trees trivia for you: John Amos used to play football for the Kansas City Chiefs!You don't have to wait until the Super Bowl to see some Bears action, because we have a very special appearance by a bear on tonight's episode of Men in Trees, "Bed, Bat and Beyond." From the title you may be able to guess that a certain winged creature will also be making an appearance. I know I've been talking about how much we all love each other up here on the show, but t... read more

Blogging in a Winter Wonderland

Excuse me if this blog is a little bleary-eyed, but I'm on an early-morning plane back to Vancouver after attending the ABC All-Star Party last night. It sounds like a sporting event, but it's really just a gathering in a hotel ballroom where actors mingle with TV critics, get photographed in pretty clothes, and eat free sushi. I must say, I did feel like I was "on the TV" when I stood on the red carpet in a borrowed dress, watching the flashbulbs pop. A few minutes later, I had to go back and do a live interview at the beginning of the whole press line, which involved sneaking past the back of the red carpet, my cream high-heeled boots sinking into the dirt of the flower beds. The universe always has a way of keeping me humble.This week's episode of Men in Trees [Thursdays at 10 pm/ET] is "History Lessons," or as we called it, the never-ending rummage sale. What will be about 15 minutes on screen took us days to shoot. Luckily the rummage sale was hosted by Mai (Lauren Tom), so we ... read more

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