Behind the Scenes
02:35 — Get a behind the scenes look at the new CBS drama NCIS: New Orleans.
NCIS: New Orleans - Shot By Pride
01:58 — Pride infiltrates a group of anti-American radicals and must shoot a member of NCIS.
NCIS: New Orleans - The Booby Trap
01:50 — Agent LaSale saves Agent Brody's life when a someone booby traps a house they bust into.
NCIS: New Orleans - Espionage?
01:54 — The NCIS: New Orleans team gets more information on the home invasion which helps them realize the true purpose of the robbery and leads them to a sur (more…)
NCIS: New Orleans - Laurel Is Freaked Out
01:18 — After Special Agent Pride's daughter Laurel is attacked on campus, Dwayne and Sonja question her to get some details.
NCIS: New Orleans - Adrenaline As A Street Drug?
01:27 — Dr. Loretta Wade tells Special Agent Pride how his daughter's attacker died.
NCIS: New Orleans - Strange White Light
01:11 — A Navy master diver has a strange experience while diving in the open ocean.
NCIS: New Orleans - Taking In The View
02:01 — Special Agent Brody is starting to get suspicious about her boyfriend Homeland Security Agent John Russo.
NCIS: New Orleans - End Of The Line
04:53 — While undercover, Pride exposes that the leader of a group of radicals has been dead for a long time, leading them to question who they've really been (more…)
NCIS: New Orleans - Murdered By A Navy Seal
01:40 — Sebastian catches up with Special Agent Pride to deliver some critical information regarding their case of a murdered blogger.
NCIS: New Orleans - High-Tech Jet Crash
02:10 — A female combat pilot and Navy hero die in an air-show plane crash.
NCIS: New Orleans - Being A Drone Pilot
01:47 — Special Agent Pride and Agent LaSalle find out their victim is a drone pilot and head out to the air force base to find out more information.
NCIS: New Orleans - Red Dress Run
03:02 — It's the Red Dress Run day and the NCIS: New Orleans team are all dressed for the occasion but the girl in blue doesn't fit in and ends up with an unf (more…)
NCIS: New Orleans - A Suspect Slips Away
02:28 — The NCIS: New Orleans team shows up at a restaurant to try and catch their suspects, but one slips away.
NCIS: New Orleans - Taking A Nose Dive
02:01 — While trying to repo a man's dream car, a body falls from the sky and totals it.
NCIS: New Orleans - A Delectable Meal From A Dead Man's Gut
03:40 — After Dr. Loretta Wade extracts the victims last meal, Sebastian is able to find out where he ate an hour before he died.
NCIS: New Orleans - One of A Kind
00:31 — New Orleans has a rhythm all it's own, and these NCIS agents are on the beat. Let the good times roll with NCIS: New Orleans airing Tuesdays at 9/8c. (more…)
NCIS: New Orleans - Nobody Has To Die Here
01:40 — Things take a shocking turn when the team confront a rouge gunman.
NCIS: New Orleans - Apprehension Gone Wrong
02:22 — Agent Christopher LaSalle and Agent Sonja Percy notice tire tracks heading off the road which leads them to more trouble than they can handle.
NCIS: New Orleans - Murdered With A Personal Message
01:33 — A blogger from Pittsburgh, possessing top secret Navy documents, is found dead on his balcony with a personal message... A tongue-ectomy.
NCIS: New Orleans - Bolivian Food
01:08 — Dr Loretta Wade briefs the agents about her strange findings of their victim's stomach contents.
NCIS: New Orleans - Excessive G-Forces
01:22 — Upon examining the female combat pilot's body, Dr. Loretta Wade notices G-LOC; exposure to excessive g-forces.
NCIS: New Orleans - The Wedding Crasher
01:21 — Dr. Loretta Wade describes how a man died at a wedding party.
NCIS: New Orleans - A Drug Called Flakka
01:54 — Agent Brody, still trying to understand the photo-shopped photos she has been receiving, turns to Sebastian for clues. Meanwhile, Doc Wade finds thei (more…)
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