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Mark Valley (Fringe), Evangeline Lilly (Lost) and T.R. Knight (Grey's Anatomy)

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Is there any indication that Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes is going to adjust her stories because of all of the recent negative feedback? — Heidi
MATT: I doubt that Rhimes will alter any master plans, especially when it comes to the Izzie/Denny "romance" which, though polarizing, seems destined to serve some greater purpose. Now, speaking of "negative feedback," I've got at least one source telling me that T.R. Knight's apparent disenchantment with Grey's might not necessarily result in him exiting the series early. Wouldn't it be refreshing to see cooler heads prevail? 

The John Scott character on Fringe is such a joyful enigma; maybe one of you can convince the producers to bring him back from the dead? — Susan
MICKEY: [Peeking out from behind a giant Chinese fan] You know who else is a joyful enigma, Susan? Me! When I asked my friends o' Fringe about John Scott's possible reanimation ... read more

More of Heroes Sylar’s Past Revealed

Zachary Quinto by Paul Drinkwater and Chris Haston/NBC

Serial killer Sylar will return this season to Heroes during its highly anticipated two-hour premiere. But, will we see more of his pre-evil alter ego, Gabriel Gray? According to Zachary Quinto, he'd love to see as much of Sylar's background as possible. He confirmed that Gray will return this season, revisiting the "shades of that character as you first saw him."The first time we learned of Sylar's past was in the first season's episode "Six Months Ago" in which Chandra Suresh tells watch repairman Gray that he may have super powers. When Gray learns of his real power, which is stealing other people's abilities, he uses them to kill off other "heroes." Suresh figures out Sylar's killing streak and becomes one of his victims.In "Volume 3: Villains," creator Tim Kring intimates that by using Gray, the show will continue to "peel the layers off of that onion as long as this character exists on the show." Do you want to see a softer side of Sylar? Heroes premieres on Sept. 22, at 9 pm... read more

New Star Trek's Captain: Quinto's "Extraordinary" as Spock

Zachary Quinto by Avik Gilboa/

Trekkies know that Captain Kirk and a certain dry Vulcan named Spock became unlikely best friends throughout the original Star Trek franchise But how did they become one of TVs best odd couples JJ Abrams discussed the relationship at a Television Critics Association panel saying We never saw how Kirk and Spock became so connected and this movie [reveals that] Did all of your pointy ears just perk upSo since the very important beginning of the SpockKirk friendship is featured in the movie how does JJ feel about relative newcomer Zachary Quintos performance Apparently Quinto hit it out of the park Abrams revealed that Zachary is extraordinary and that he brought gravity and an enormous sense of humor [to the role] Thats a tricky task for a tricky and complicated character Are you excited to see more about the new Star Trek movie Do you think Quinto can fill Nimoys Spock shoes Erin FoxRelated149 A Conversation with Two Spocks149 Use Our read more

Exclusive: A Conversation with Trek's Two Spocks

Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto by Albert L. Ortega/

With the summer 2009 premiere of JJ Abrams Star Trek still more than a year away Leonard Nimoy has officially passed the torch as Spock to cast mate Zachary Quinto The rite of passage happened at Sundays Grand Slam XVI Sci Fi Summit in Burbank Calif and came in the form of a T-shirt that said No1 Vulcan I think Im going to have to grab a marker and change it to No 2 Vulcan a touched Quinto said to the audience TV Guide later welcomed the opportunity to talk with the two Spocks Carita RizzoTV Guide Zachary what kind of questions did you have for LeonardZachary Quinto They came up as things evolved The process that I went through to play this part was very internal and private but in terms of what were getting into today I couldnt ask for a better introduction to the experience and to the fans than to engage in it with him here by my side Its literally unbelievable TV Guide Can the Star Trek life experience be described LeonardLeonard Nimo read more

Coming Soon: Star Trek XI

It may be a ways off (OK, maybe more than a ways off considering it doesn’t come out until Christmas), but you have to see this teaser trailer for the next of the Star Trek installments. If you haven’t heard about it, Lost’s J.J. Abrams will be directing Star Trek XI, which chronicles the early years of Kirk and company (and, side note, Zachary Quinto from Heroes is playing Spock in this version). Even if you’re not a Trekkie, the scene of the U.S.S. Enterprise being built is pretty awesome. read more

How TV Guide and Heroes Got So Graphic

The four Heroes covers 

Four Heroes collector covers. Five superstar artists. Meet the creators of this week’s "comic book" look. Cover No. 1 (Kensei, Hiro, Ando): Jim Lee"TV Guide is a cornerstone of pop culture, so doing a cover for you guys is a real honor," says Lee. Hey, we’re honored, too! A true comics legend, Lee is currently illustrating DC Comics’ All-Star Batman & Robin and drew the acclaimed Batman arc "Hush" (written by Heroes co-executive producer Jeph Loeb). He openly admits he does not follow Heroes, though he did try. "I downloaded the entire first season from iTunes to my Apple TV, which, for some reason, played the episodes backwards," Lee says. "So there I am watching the season finale thinking it’s the first episode of the series and I’m going, ‘Oh, my god, this storytelling is soo confusing and revolutionary — how d read more

"We All Have Our Roles to Play"

Who can be trusted? Jack Coleman, Ashley Crow by Chris Haston/NBC

Episode Recap: "Out Of Time"Welcome to November Sweeps. The writers’ are on strike, NBC is green and Heroes is back!If you’re reading this, there is a good chance you are a regular at the Heroes TV Guide blog. Let’s get right to it.Last week, I mentioned Mr. Bennet’s sloppy handy work in Ukraine. I knew he would get caught! He also destroyed the remaining paintings. Two of which, came true in tonight’s episode. The battle between Kensei and Hiro and Peter’s distraught first look at human extinction. Many of you should give yourselves pats on the back! As I watched tonight’s episode so many of your predictions and comments in the past weeks came true. Especially, when Kensei turned out to be Adam Monroe! So, Kensei/Adam and Claire are immortal. I think they remain forever young at the age they realize they have powers. It looks like we will never see Claire at happy hour. Who liked this episode as much as I did? I know it’s been slow... read more

The First Cut Is the Deepest

David Anders by Justin Lubin/NBC

Episode Recap: “The Line”Heroes has never made me lose interest, but it did get off to a slow start. I knew tonight would be a good episode. OK, I hoped tonight would be a great episode. It was the lead-in to November sweeps. However, I didn’t want to set my expectations too high. I’ve noticed a growing trend with network television: they build up the months of November, February and May for Nielsen ratings, and then leave us hanging. Sometimes, the episodes that air during those sweeping months live up to the abundance of promos, previews and annoying scroll lines under everything you watch. Other times, a ferry crashes and we are left with the letters WTF on our minds. That being said, let’s recap.We’ve all been through high school hell, and I’ve watched the genius of Tina Fey's Mean Girls, but do people like the cheerleading captain really exist? If so, then she got what she deserved. (When she wrote the number of pounds to lose on the girls' f... read more

All In the Family!

Dana Davis, Noah Gray-Cabey by Chris Haston/NBC

Episode Recap: "Fight or Flight"What would you do if you were faced with your greatest fear?It was around this time last season that Eden sacrificed herself. I was shocked when she fought against Sylar and managed to take her own life before he could steal her power. Tonight, Ricky sacrificed himself as well. He may not have stuck his finger into a socket on his own, but he did lie to protect Peter and his sister. In the end, he paid with his life. He literally was “toast." So, Peter and Elle have met before. Also, the box? A passport and ticket to Montreal! That’s it? I really thought there would be more to it.I am a Veronica Mars fan. So, I was psyched to finally see Kristen Bell tonight. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed. Maybe it’s my own fault; my expectations were too high. I know her character is going to get interesting, but when? The list of questions continues: Who is her father? Is she good, evil or confused? Do she and/or her father work for The Company? Wh... read more

Exclusive Interview with Heroes' Zachary Quinto!

Zachary Quinto by Mitch Haaseth/NBC

by Michael LoganZachary Quinto, who plays bad-guy Sylar on NBC's Heroes (tonight at 9 pm/ET), is preparing to enter sci-fi superstardom by taking on one of the genres most iconic roles, Spock, in the new Star Trek movie. The 30-year-old actor talked to TV Guide about his sudden rise to fame, the "new" Sylar and becoming a young Spock.TV Guide: A year ago, you were just another jobless Hollywood actor. Now you're starring on the white-hot hit Heroes and playing young Spock in the next Star Trek movie. Are you sure you're not dreaming all this?Zachary Quinto: It's all very dreamlike, though Trek is feeling less so as it draws nearer. We're getting ready to shoot in a month, and I just had my first fitting for my Vulcan ears. It felt incredible, and in that moment there was a huge shift for me. Suddenly it was real, and I was like, "OK! Let's get this thing going!"TV Guide: In a wild twist on Heroes, your serial-killer character, Sylar, has lost his powers. Will this help humanize the ... read more

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