Zachary Levi



  • Chuck "What is that? I'm not one of those people who watches. It's a love-or-hate thing. Is it about espionage? Does the main guy look like John Krasinski?"
  • Glee "For someone that doesn't watch television, it seems that that little show Glee is doing very well. My friends on the show will hate me because I've never seen it, but they've probably never seen Chuck either, who are we kidding? They're working too hard. I love the people involved, those that I know anyway. I love music and I love musicals, so for there to be a musical television show is awesome. I'll have to check that out one day. "
  • Modern Family "A lot of really talented people there. "
  • Parenthood "I'm envious of Parenthood's shooting schedule. They shoot like two hours a day apparently. "
  • The Walking Dead "I haven't seen an episode, but it looks awesome. "

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