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OMG, Chuck Killed Who?! What's Next?

Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski

[Warning: This story reveals details of Monday night's episode of Chuck. Read at your own risk!]

We knew Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) was in serious danger once Shaw (Brandon Routh) discovered that she had killed his wife, but it was shocking that Chuck (Zachary Levi) had to... read more

Chuck Producer: Chuck is Off to Become the Hero

Chuck - Zachary Levi

Call him Bartowski, Chuck Bartowski.

Chuck's Buy More geek-turned-intersect is about to add a new job to his résumé: spy. After three years, Chuck (Zachary Levi) is heading on a very important mission that will change his life forever. caught up with executive producer Chris Fedak to get the scoop on what's ahead for Chuck, Sarah and Shaw's romance, and Casey's future. Plus: What can you do to save the show?

Watch full episodes of Chuck Will Chuck try to take on the Ring by himself now that Casey (Adam Baldwin) is gone? And can he really become a spy?
Chris Fedak:
I think Chuck can definitely achieve being a spy. The question we struggle with — and one he struggles with — is: ... read more

Chuck's Captain Awesome Becoming Much More Awesome

Chuck - Ryan McPartlin, Sarah Lancaster

The show may be called Chuck, but more and more it's about Captain Awesome. When Ryan McPartlin's character dives into the spy world, he finds life less awesome than he expected. McPartlin, who got a bit of hazing in our interview with co-star Zachary Levi, discussed the new nemesis played by Angie Harmon, whether Awesome's marriage can remain awesome, and whether fans should worry about any impending goodbyes...

read more

Chuck's Zachary Levi and Ryan McPartlin Steal a Interview

Chuck - Zach Levi, Ryan McPartlin

Have you ever wondered what happens when one spy infiltrates another spy's interview? You're about to find out. caught up with Chuck's Zachary Levi while he was on location at the NBC Experience Store in New York to get the inside word on the new season. Ryan McPartlin, super-sleuth that he is, happened to be in the TV Guide Network studios in Los Angeles at the time and decided to join in on the fun. Find out from Levi which relationship will suffer this season, who his dream kissing-partner is and how McPartlin will single handedly bring in millions of viewers.

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Holmes, Avatar Help Break Christmas Box Office Record

Robert Downey Jr and Rachel McAdams

Sherlock Holmes and Avatar boasted large numbers on Friday, helping to shatter last year's Christmas box office record, The Wrap reports.

In total, films playing on Christmas brought in $85 million, topping last year's $75 million haul. Holmes contributed $24.9 million, leading the pack on its opening day. James Cameron's Avatar finished close behind the Guy Ritchie flick, with... read more

Chuck's Josh Schwartz: "It Was Boy Becomes Man Last Year, and This Year It's Man Becomes Spy"


This year, Chuck (Zachary Levi) will go from Buy More geek to bona fide spy, thanks to the download of the updated Intersect at the end of Chuck's second season. Executive producer Josh Schwartz tells how the Intersect 2.0 actually works, why Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Chuck are not together when the season kicks off and which of the characters is getting just a bit more awesome this season... read more

10 Questions with Chuck's Zachary Levi


The new season of Chuck is just around the corner (Jan. 10, 9/8c), so hit the set of the NBC spy series to get the lowdown on what's ahead for the super-charged Chuck. Zachary Levi lounged with us between scenes in a new location that we cannot disclose, under threat of being relocated by the CIA. However, Levi was more than willing to dish on Chuck's new love interest, how the Intersect 2.0 works and what's ahead in the additional six episodes ordered by the peacock network... read more

NBC's Chuck Returning on Jan. 10

Yvonne Strahovski and Zachary Levi

NBC's Chuck is returning on Sunday, Jan., 10, at 9/8c with back-to-back episodes. The spy series will then move to Monday nights at 8/9c beginning Jan. 11, has confirmed.

Watch full episodes of Chuck in our Online Video Guide

When the show returns... read more

How the Chuck Cast Literally Rocked Comic-Con

While Jeffster rocked the Con, Zachary Levi rocked a beard.

The Chuck panel at the San Diego Comic-Con was literally music to fans' ears.

Get the latest from Comic-Con 2009  

Following a video clip in which show bosses Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak and star Zachary Levi pretended to be blindsided by Chuck's renewal, Jeffster — aka the micro-band formed by Buy More buds Jeff and Lester — ignited the event with a most unexpected and thoroughly rousing live performance of ... read more

Zach Levi Joins Save Chuck Subway Campaign ... and Teases a "Game-Changing" Finale

Zachary Levi

A massive fan campaign is underway to earn NBC's Chuck a Season 3 pick-up — and it has even found series star Zachary Levi himself stepping behind the counter of a Subway sandwich shop in London to assemble footlongs for scores of fans. As shown in the video, Levi remarks while standing before a fervent crowd, "You see, NBC? This is what happens when you might cancel a show that people care about!" Click here to watch.

On the occasion of Chuck's season finale (Monday at 8 pm/ET), Levi spoke with about his relationship with super-hot secret agent Sarah, working with amazing guest stars, and the "game-changing" twist to come. Were you surprised that Chuck and Sarah had an all-too-quick make-out session in last week's episode? Have you been happy with the progression of their relationship over the first two seasons?
Zach Levi: Chuck and Sarah's relationship has continued to entice, provoke and, in many cases, frustrate... read more

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