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October 3, 2006: We Got Boys That Can Play Football

OK, so this isn’t exactly the type of football show that makes you want to pull out your old Jock Jams CD, but what an opener. I just knew from the start when I saw Jason Street getting interviewed that this too-good-to-be-true life wasn’t going to last till the end of the episode, a feeling that increased as his parents spoke with the recruiter. That said, it was still hard not to be shocked when he couldn’t get up after slamming into the guy on the other team. But how wonderful was it to see Matt Saracen actually get a chance to play? The horror-stricken face as he was called up may have been the most true-to-life moment in this episode.In that vein, there are few shows that hit the ground with such a lived-in quality, but this is definitely one of them. We’ve managed to get some histories (Coach Taylor has coached Jason since PeeWee, Smash and Tim Riggins really hate each other) without it seeming forced or contrived. Riggins’ line regarding Smash that, ... read more

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