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Zach Gilford Scores on Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights - Zach Gilford

TV Guide Magazine caught up with 28-year-old Zach Gilford, whose football player-turned art student Matt Saracen has become the heart of the Pulitzer-Prize winning series Friday Night Lights. With his character having made a life-altering change in this week's episode we asked him to reveal his feelings about the show and what's next in his career.

TV Guide Magazine: You inhabit the small-town Texan so completely that it's hard to believe you're from the Chicago area.
Yeah, I grew up on the North Side of Chicago in Evanston, and I... read more

Watercooler: Give Zach Gilford an Emmy

Friday Night Lights - Zach Gilford

If you were lucky enough to watch last week's Friday Night Lights, you won't argue with us — or the ongoing Facebook campaign — that Zach Gilford needs to be on this year's Emmy ballot. Just look at his ...
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Cheers & Jeers: Friday Night Lights — Here Comes "The Son"

Friday Night Lights - Zach Gilford

Cheers to Zach Gilford for scoring an emotional touchdown on Friday Night Lights. Ex-Panther quarterback Matt Saracen may have graduated from West Dillon High, but the deeply sympathetic character has thankfully stuck around the Texas town, delivering pizzas, taking care of his Alzheimer's-stricken grandma (Louanne Stephens), interning with a misanthropic artist (John Diehl) and clinging to his college-bound girlfriend (Aimee Teagarden). read more

Forgotten and Raising the Bar Stars Join ABC Drama

Michelle Borth, Jonathan Scarfe

The Forgotten may soon be forgotten by Michelle Borth: The star of the ABC crime drama has landed the lead role in the new ABC pilot The Matadors, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

ABC greenlights two more pilots

Borth's deal would require her to stick with The Forgotten should the bubble show get a renewal, according to the Reporter.

Described as ...
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FNL'sZach Gilford to Take the Dare

Zach Gilford by Jean-Paul Auusenard/

The writers strike wasnt kind to viewers but it was kind to Friday Night Lights Zach Gilford During the time off he landed several new deals most notably the role of the high school troublemaker in Dare based on the short film Hell star opposite Emmy RossumThe Reporter says Gilford is also thisclose to securing a role in The River Why the film adaptation of David James Duncans novel JR Whalen read more

A Can't-Miss Friday Night Lights

Zach Gilford in Friday Night Lights by Bill Records/NBC Photo

You want to know why we fans of Friday Night Lights go on and on about this show, despite its sad ratings and aggravating lack of presence on the various clueless awards show? I’ll tell you why we go on and on about it. Tonight’s episode is why.This hour is on par with the best of the first season, and that’s saying something. It’s some of the finest TV you’re likely to see all year. I’ve watched certain parts of this episode several times, and each time it takes my breath away with its emotional power. Friday Night Lights is one of those rare series that breaks your heart and lifts your spirit all at once.Even one of TV’s most familiar subplots, a parent preparing a child for a driving test, has unexpected depth—thanks to the subtext of the relationship between Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) and daughter Julie (Aimee Teegarden), which has been fraught with conflict all season. The distracted mom and the rebellious teen: seen it before, but rare... read more

Who Do You Think You Are?

Hello FNL fans, Leah is on vacation, so I’m filling in. If you don’t know me yet, I’m Casey. So much happened tonight! This episode felt like a stepping stone to greater, not always better, things to come.I’ve been sick all week, so please bear with me. Some people may think this episode was dated, but in the real and present world, race and gender still matter to many. I liked how this episode touched on those issues. I’ll start with the Taylor’s. I hated seeing Shelley go last week, but it gave FNL another opportunity to tackle family values and issues. Some people, like Mac McGill, believe a woman’s place is at home. But as Coach Taylor pointed out, “That just sounds stupid and ignorant when you say it aloud.” Thank you Coach! I am one of four children and both of my parents have worked full-time jobs for their entire 28 years of marriage. My mother’s a flight attendant. I’m still dumbfounded by people‘s rea... read more

X-Files, FNL Guy Woos Rory Gilmore, More Movie News

Amanda Peet by Steve Granitz/, Xzibit by Denise Truscello/

Rapper Xzibit, Amanda Peet (Studio 60) and Billy Connolly have joined the cast of the new X-Files film. Everything is hush-hush, but the Reporter hears that Xzibit and Peet will play fellow FBI agents of Mulder and Scully…. Friday Night Lights’ Zach Gilford is in talks to play Alexis Bledel’s would-be beau in the The Post-Grad Survival Guide.... Jamie Chung (ABC Family's upcoming Samurai Girl) has joined the live-action adaptation of Dragonball, playing the love interest of Justin Chatwin’s Goku…. Christopher Mintz-Plasse, aka Superbad’s McLovin, is reuniting with producer Judd Apatow for Year One, a comedy set in biblical times. read more

I know everyone talks about ...

Question: I know everyone talks about the Landry/Tyra murder on Friday Night Lights, so I won't talk about that other than to say I didn't hate the storyline, and if the writers had another chance at it, I think they should have done it differently. I want to talk about Smash and his underuse this season. I thought Gaius Charles was one of the finest actors on the show last year, along with Zach Gilford, but this season I think he has had only two scenes in four episodes. They have overused Landry and Julie's stories this years, and both are fine actors, but it's not worth the elimination of Smash Williams. Shows always overuse actors that people like initially but eventually get sick of. Think of Entourage and Billy Walsh. Do you agree? Answer: You're about to get your wish. The next two episodes (Nov. 16 and 30) appear to be Smash-centric, as he begins the process of college recruitment. I wasn't all that bothered by the use (or underuse, as you put it) of Smash, who in the earl ... read more

"Let's Get It On"

You mean Landry? Jesse Plemons, Kyle Chandler by Bill Records/NBC

Guest blogger Casey Marsella (Heroes) here! Leah couldn't make it tonight, but I'll do my best to recap this amazing show!Landry! Landry! Landry!Jesse Plemons made Dillon (and FNL fans) stand up and cheer tonight. His performance is what I love about this show. I’ve always noticed that the people who seem "out of place" are usually the ones most comfortable in their own skin. Landry used to be the goofy, one-liner sidekick, but he was always sure of himself. Tonight he proved that. His halftime speech was the highlight of the episode: "We can win together or lose alone." It was the perfect lead-in to: Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose!So, who’s together and who’s alone?Let’s start with the Taylors. Tami is thrilled to have her husband back, but not enough to give him the "green light." Coach was gently shot down and forced to sleep on the couch so Tami could finally get a good night’s sleep. The next day, the bags under his eyes initiated an unwanted ... read more

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