Yvette Freeman



ER Ding dong, the witch is dead....

ERDing dong, the witch is dead. Well, not dead, just fired. What a way for Eve to go — by pouring urine on the offensive Santa: "Ho ho ho — you piece of crap!" I'm contemplating having that line played on my outgoing voice-mail message for the holidays — just that line, followed by a beep. Kidding. I did enjoy the "You can't fire Eve on Christmas Eve!" line. Tonight's episode was nicely holiday themed and had several happy endings. How wonderful for the little girl who was accidentally shot to make it after they thought she was a goner. Shows you just how important positive mental energy is, and it was perfect to force the shooters to watch the girl being operated on. So cool to see cast members of canceled shows appear on ER, like Lisa Gay Hamilton from The Practice an read more

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