Yul Kwon



Survivor Champ Yul Kwon Takes on a New TV Adventure With America Revealed

Yul Kwon

Winning 2006's Survivor: Cook Islands was pretty tough for Yul Kwon — he beat out Ozzy Lusth! — but it wasn't nearly as stomach-churning as his new hosting gig on the four-part PBS series America Revealed (premiering Wednesday at 10/9c). Based on Britain From Above, the spectacularly filmed show takes a mostly birds-eye view of the U.S. as it tracks the systems that provide the U.S. population with food, energy, transportation and other stuff that makes the country run. "I'm scared of heights and I'm claustrophobic, and I also get severe motion sickness on planes so half the time we were filming I'm scared out of my mind," Kwon says with a laugh. "But it was worth it. This is a big epic series about America." We spoke with the Yale Law School grad, one of the most popular Survivor champs, about his new series, what he's been up to, and whether he'd give the reality show another chance.
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