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Acer C7: the $199 Chromebook
03:15 — Yes, it's cheap, but Acer's version of the Chromebook is saddled with a few unfortunate downsides you have to consider.
Ep. 1164: Where we've got free copies of Black Ops II
43:14 — Based on yesterday's story about the Apple flagship store deafening shoppers' ears, today we're talk about all the ways music pervades life-- at work (more…)
Season 2 Promo HTC
01:03 — Molly Wood teams up with the GoPro Bomb Squad to test the veracity of an HTC commercial -- by jumping out of a helicopter. Oh yes. Season 2 of Always (more…)
LG Optimus Vu is a phone on steroids.
02:11 — As LG's answer to the Samsung Galaxy Note, the Optimus Vu sports a 5-inch LCD IPS display, has an 8-megapixel camera, and an embedded antenna (yes, se (more…)
Is the new Cayman S the best car Porsche's lineup?
05:27 — After the brilliant Boxster we wondered whether Porsche could get any better. It turns out that yes, it most certainly can.
Nest Learning Thermostat hands-on video
04:31 — Watch as CNET Reviews Editor in Chief Lindsey Turrentine wields an electric drill, turns a knob, and falls in love with, yes, a thermostat.
Ep. 1213: Where Sphere says no to yes to the dress
38:34 — Sphere's Law of Recurring Subject Matter argues that, given enough time, all conversations with Steve Guttenberg will inevitably become audiocentric. (more…)
Aquatic drone incoming: a look at Ziphius
01:09 — An tablet/phone remote-controlled, camera-equipped, robotic boat with augmented reality games and a beverage holder? Yes, and it's on Kickstarter. A l (more…)
Quick! You have less than a month for new iPhone rumors!
03:21 — Apple's iPhone event might be next month (finally), Asus could be working on a smartphone that's not a tablet, and an Amazon game console? Yes, please (more…)
Sprint's new HTC Evo 4G LTE
03:46 — If you think the legendary HTC Evo 4G couldn't be topped, you'll change your mind once you lay your eyes on the new HTC Evo 4G LTE. This $199 device f (more…)
The education-targeted Lenovo Thinkpad
03:06 — An education-targeted 11-inch laptop? Yes, and no: Lenovo's impact-resistant ultraportable is really just last year's ThinkPad x120e in a new suit.
New iPod Nano and MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina? Yes, please!
04:17 — Evidence of the 13-inch Retina Display MacBook Pro surfaces, the new iPod Nano might go back to its roots, and Mountain Lion goes gold!
2012 Toyota RAV4 EV
08:45 — Yes it's electric and yes it has a Tesla power train, but the limited range of the 2012 Toyota RAV4 EV plus the slow charge times make this car a conf (more…)
French Montana Has a Message for His Past Haters
01:10 — We asked French Montana if there have been people in his past that doubted him and now want to be apart of his success? French says yes and has a not (more…)
Is “The Bachelorette’ Attracted to Drama? Hoda Says Yes
05:01 — TODAY producer and “The Bachelorette” superfan Amanda Avery gives Kathie Lee and Hoda the lowdown of last night’s episode of the reality-TV guilty ple (more…)
RiffTrax Live: Mothra - Official Trailer
00:30 — Fathom Events and® are excited to bring Toho’s Mothra to the big screen for a LIVE riff on Thursday, August 18 followed by a special re-b (more…)
Bad Seed
09:43 — While Major Lazer goes on a weeklong spiritual voyage, Penny embarks on a trip of her own. But will she get so high that she can’t come down? Yes, obv (more…)
PlayStation 4 'Wobbles' if Pressed Down
01:39 — Yes, the PS4 'wobbles' if you press on a corner. Here's why it's no big deal.
Inside Containment: Yes Is the Only Living Thing
01:50 — Lex faces off against Lommers on a new Containment, TONIGHT at 9/8c!
Mary Wilson of the Supremes Is a Legend
01:38 — There is no better Wilson and yes- that includes Wilson Phillips.
Inside: Yes Is the Only Living Thing
01:49 — Lex faces off against Lommers.
Teen Who Interrupted Sharon Osbourne: I Don't Regret It One Bit
01:54 — The young man who burst on stage at the People's Choice Awards speech says he has no regrets. He shouted: "My name is Zacari Nicasio. Shout out to Kev (more…)
Terrifying 911 Call From Inside Prince's Home: 'Everyone is Distraught'
00:34 — Police have released the full transcript of the 911 call made from Prince's home after the icon was found inside an elevator on Thursday. "We have som (more…)
Shonda Rhimes Says Don't Dream, Do
03:16 — Shonda Rhimes' new book "Year Of Yes" is available now.
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