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Are Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Getting Ready to Head Down the Aisle?
01:23 — Could it be a 2016 wedding for Gwen and Blake? We're taking a look at all the clues that point to yes.
Donald Trump’s Campaign – But Not the Candidate – Says Obama Was Born in US
03:00 — Does Donald Trump now believe, contrary to previous statements, that President Obama was born in America? His campaign says yes, but the candidate him (more…)
7 Things You (Probably) Never Knew About BioShock - In 2 Minutes
03:46 — (Brought to you by Bioshock: The Collection) Did you know that the Little Sisters started life as frogs with funnels in their butts? Yes, really. Find (more…)
Yes, Trump Supported Going to War in Iraq
03:59 — Rachel Maddow explains why Donald Trump is lying when he insists repeatedly that he was against the U.S. going to war in Iraq before the war started, (more…)
6-Year-Old Girl Says It Was 'Exciting' Meeting Hillary Clinton After 9/11 Memori
00:39 — The 6-year-old girl who ran up to Hillary Clinton as she left daughter Chelsea's apartment Sunday says she was floored when she offered to take a pict (more…)
Kylie and Kendall Go Down … and Can’t Get Back up!
01:45 — Yes Kylie and Kendall get stuck in an NYC elevator and lucky for everyone, they Snapchatted the entire ordeal!
Yes, Bob Ross’ Curly Hair Was Actually Straight
01:22 — Bob Ross, the star of “The Joy of Painting,” said he wanted to save money on haircuts. So what did he do? He got a perm on his originally-straight hai (more…)
You’ll Never Guess Who’s On the Cover of the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition!
01:44 — No, not those three insanely hot models- we’re talking about Barbie!! Yes, that Barbie.
Yes, I Was Scared!
01:51 — Poe's ghost arrives just in time to reveal the secret behind the Emo plants.
Penguins in Tuxes On 'Say Yes to the Dress'?
02:46 — Bride-to-be Amanda has expensive tastes which, lucky for her, she can afford thanks to her father's bank account. She's already bought herself a $30,0 (more…)
Daniel Bryan vs. Corporate Kane
02:56 — Corporate Kane looks to put a halt to the "Yes" Movement, as he orders Daniel Bryan to face him one on one.
Is Amanda Ready to Be Engaged to Josh?
04:09 — All signs point to yes.
Yogurtlympics: A Greek Yogurt Face-Off
03:59 — Supertaster tackles the Greek yogurt craze, tasting products from Yoplait, Roundy's, Oikos (Dannon), Chobani, and The Greek Gods. Oh yes: Fage, too.
Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton
02:00 — The leader of the "YES! movement" takes on the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton in a brutal No Disqualification match.
Soccer and World Cup Bring Worlds Together
02:05 — Can soccer help bring different cultures closer together? A humanitarian and cultural educator says yes.
The Queen of Booty Turned 45!
00:58 — Yes Jennifer Lopez turned 45, and she celebrated her birthday with a party in the Hamptons and an almost life sized cake of her…riding a lion?
Vin Diesel Covers Sam Smith... and Yes, It's Everything.
01:31 — We know Vin Diesel can act but apparently he can sing too!
The Good News: Johnny Depp Just Met an NBA Star!
01:35 — The Bad News: It’s not actually Johnny Depp. Yes, Fake Johnny Depp strikes again.
Can’t Get a Drink? Clear a Bar With a Stink Bomb!
01:01 — We talk to Whoopi Goldberg about practical jokes, and our camera guy admits he uses stink bombs to clear out bars to get a quicker drink. Yes, people (more…)
Angelina Jolie Is Officially a Dame!
01:08 — It's now Dame Angelina Jolie when greeting the A-list actress. Jolie showed up at Buckingham Palace Friday morning to be officially awarded her honora (more…)
Spend $100 and You Can See Oprah!
01:06 — Yes that’s right for $100 you can see Oprah speak! Sure she doesn’t need the money but that’s the going rate and she even throws in a bagged lunch.
Tiny Went Under the Knife and Permanently Changed Her Eye Color!
01:00 — Yes, that may sound crazy but Tiny has undergone a surgery that permanently changes the color of your eyes! Tiny went from brown eyes to an icy grey c (more…)
Elevators to Outer Space Soon? Experts Say Yes!
02:53 — Some of the smartest most passionate scientists in the World say a Space Elevator is likely to be built in the next 30-40 years!
Is Swedish House Mafia Reuniting?!
01:31 — Well yes, but only for sushi.
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