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Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton
02:00 — The leader of the "YES! movement" takes on the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton in a brutal No Disqualification match.
Soccer and World Cup Bring Worlds Together
02:05 — Can soccer help bring different cultures closer together? A humanitarian and cultural educator says yes.
The Queen of Booty Turned 45!
00:58 — Yes Jennifer Lopez turned 45, and she celebrated her birthday with a party in the Hamptons and an almost life sized cake of her…riding a lion?
Vin Diesel Covers Sam Smith... and Yes, It's Everything.
01:31 — We know Vin Diesel can act but apparently he can sing too!
The Good News: Johnny Depp Just Met an NBA Star!
01:35 — The Bad News: It’s not actually Johnny Depp. Yes, Fake Johnny Depp strikes again.
Can’t Get a Drink? Clear a Bar With a Stink Bomb!
01:01 — We talk to Whoopi Goldberg about practical jokes, and our camera guy admits he uses stink bombs to clear out bars to get a quicker drink. Yes, people (more…)
Angelina Jolie Is Officially a Dame!
01:08 — It's now Dame Angelina Jolie when greeting the A-list actress. Jolie showed up at Buckingham Palace Friday morning to be officially awarded her honora (more…)
Spend $100 and You Can See Oprah!
01:06 — Yes that’s right for $100 you can see Oprah speak! Sure she doesn’t need the money but that’s the going rate and she even throws in a bagged lunch.
Tiny Went Under the Knife and Permanently Changed Her Eye Color!
01:00 — Yes, that may sound crazy but Tiny has undergone a surgery that permanently changes the color of your eyes! Tiny went from brown eyes to an icy grey c (more…)
Elevators to Outer Space Soon? Experts Say Yes!
02:53 — Some of the smartest most passionate scientists in the World say a Space Elevator is likely to be built in the next 30-40 years!
Is Swedish House Mafia Reuniting?!
01:31 — Well yes, but only for sushi.
RHONY Housewives Talk About NYC Horse Carriage Controversy!
01:03 — Our camera guy talks to RHONY housewife Heather Thomson and asked her if people really still ride the horse carriages in New York after so much contro (more…)
Preschool for Adults: Yes, This Is a Real Thing
03:13 — TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer gives us a peak into “Preschool Mastermind,” a preschool for adults in Brooklyn.
Future Mrs. Swaggy P: Iggy Azalea & NBA Star Nick Young ENGAGED!!
01:02 — Iggy Azalea is officially on her way to becoming Mrs. Swaggy P-- her NBA star boyfriend Nick Young popped the question ... and she said, "Yes!"
Is Sincere Taking Money from…Strippers?
01:18 — Yes! But he worked for it! We got ‘Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood’ star Sincere when he was leaving a strip club after MCing it for the night and found o (more…)
Bobblehead Museum: Yes, It’s a Real Thing
02:22 — You might think there’s a museum for everything these days and if you do, you’re probably right. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles managed to find one museum that’s (more…)
Khloe Kardashian Decked Her Car Out in…Velvet!
00:37 — Yes Khloe Kardashian took her car to West Coast Customs and got it wrapped in velvet! Our biggest question is, how do you clean a velvet car?
It's Too Poufy
02:25 — The assertive entourage had a day of "No's". The small beading added to the top made the dress.
Artist Uses Her Own Blood to Paint a Picture of Donald Trump!
00:56 — Yes a woman from Portland painted a portrait of Donald Trump with her very own…menstrual blood?!
Diddy Takes On Burning Man!
00:47 — Yes believe it or not Diddy went to Burning Man! We even got video of the hip-hop mogul dancing in the middle of the desert at nine in the morning!
It’s a Justin Bieber TMZ Tour Sighting!
01:50 — Yes, the Biebs himself rolled with our tour bus, quite literally, actually.
Here’s Why Most Airplane Coffee Is Soooo Terrible
01:07 — Yes, there is a reason why that cup of joe being served at 30,000 feet will never live up to the coffee at your local café, and the unfortunate phenom (more…)
Donald Trump: We Already Have ‘tremendous Regulations’ On Guns
05:14 — Asked by a gun owner at his live town hall on TODAY whether he would pledge to veto any bill adding gun control regulation, Donald Trump replies, “The (more…)
Spooky Cuties: Checking in On Costumed Kids On the TODAY Plaza
01:27 — The Weekend TODAY team weren’t the only ones dressing up for Halloween! Check out some of the kids that dressed up for the holiday on the TODAY Show p (more…)
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