Yeardley Smith

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Martha Maria Yeardley Smith
  • Birth Place: Paris, France
  • Profession: Actor
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Family From Hell
01:40 — Homer see his family as devils compared to the angels he sees in other families.
Where's My Keys?
00:41 — Homer searches frantically for his keys.
Marge Learns to Bowl
02:59 — Marge meets Jacques, the French bowling instructor, who offers to teach her how to bowl...and love.
Send in the Clowns
01:22 — Homer can't stop laughing when he's brought down to the station to identify Krusty in a clown line-up.
Botz the Babysitter
01:17 — Ms. Botz, the babysitter, appears more foreboding than anticipated.
Meaningless Job
01:03 — Homer becomes depressed from his job.
Gut Check
01:23 — Homer becomes America's newest talking head and political influencer.
Homer's Childhood Dog
00:44 — Homer gets upset about his childhood dog
00:38 — Homer finds treasure at the dump
Mama Like
00:53 — Homer returns from a convention and surprises Marge.
Alternate Reality
00:49 — Homer enjoys his perfect world.
Favorite Moments with the Simpsons Writers: David Mirkin
01:30 — David Mirkin had the chance to work with one of his heroes, rock legend James Taylor, in the episode "Deep Space Homer."
"Homer Shake" Couch Gag
00:36 — You've seen the rest, now watch the best. It's the official Simpsons Harlem Shake video!
Favorite Moments with the Simpsons Writers: Al Jean
01:05 — Guess which memory Executive Producer Al Jean will choo-choo-choose!
Homer's Words of Wisdom
00:45 — When Marge can't overcome her fears of failure, it's up to Homer to calm her down - for better or wose.
Lisa and Bart Are On the Case
00:53 — The Simpsons attempt to track fracking activity in their neighborhood, leading them to a cover-up at the highest level.
At the Circus
01:10 — Homer attempts to seperate himself from work with the family at the circus, but just finds more to complain about.
Pay Attention!
00:26 — Smithers gets caught in dreamland.
Homer, the Royal Babysitter
00:26 — Homer pays more attention to the royal children rather than his own, much to Marge's chagrin.
The Sunday Morning Blues
00:35 — As The Simpsons head to church, Marge attempts to convince the car full of skeptics that God appreicates the effort.
Homer's Brain
01:24 — Mr. Burns takes Homer's brain and puts it in his newly created robot.
Bart is Born
00:33 — Bart causes trouble on the day he is born.
Annual Physical
00:22 — Homer and everyone else at the nuclear plant go in for their yearly physical.
Biggest Role of My Life
01:05 — Homer shines as a father after helping Bart get over losing the class presidency.
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  • Birth Name: Martha Maria Yeardley Smith
  • Birth Place: Paris, France
  • Profession: Actor

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