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Amidst Tragedy, an Old Friend Saves the Day

Episode Recap Good Fences Oct 8 2007Now we all know The unsettling secret is outIts hard to find a felt-tip pen in a Panamanian prisonOh and Saras head was in the box Saras head to be clear but not Sarahs as in Sarah Wayne Callies I tend to think she didnt return to work to have a cast made of her melon Ergo why it looked not so much like Sara but more like one of those premium living doll sex toys you see on HBOs SexceteraBut Lincoln said Sara as he dared a look inside the box so it must be herWhat do we think of Lincolns decision to spare Michael the grisly truth Dare we call him selfish because after all were Mikey to know Sara is dead he might lose the drive to escape and thus sign LJs death certificate But one could argue that Michael would be even more motivated so he could throttle Susan B Anthony all the quickerInstead Michael is in full breakout-planning mode craftily using a chintzy non-gold cross to short the juice gai read more

Lincoln Plays a Dangerous Game to Help Michael

Episode Recap FireWaterAs a longtime Prison Break fanatic Im glad we didnt have to wait long for Michaels resourceful engineers thinking cap to get switched back on From the moment he paid special notice to that overhead pipe and the moisture on it I suspected he was up to something So while his tattoos may now be defunct as a tool his noodle keeps on keeping on in this instance managing to save Lucheros bacon and Whistlers in the processLets talk about Whistler as he is this seasons walking talking McGuffin He was imprisoned for killing the mayor of Panama City he disappeared into Sonas dank shadows some time ago and the prisoner who delivered him to the reaper stood to be thanked with a Get Out of Jail Free card And yet Michael by keeping the Aussie alive must fight tooth and nail to bust the guy out Not fair right And why does The Company need Whistler in their hands within a week Whats the rush Is he guest-judging on Dancing with the St read more

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