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Out of Sync
Talented disc jockey Jason St. Julian (LL Cool J) gave up a promising career when he took the fall for a mob boss (Ramy Zada) and ended up in jail. No (more…)
Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare
In this sixth return to the horrifying world of Nightmare on Elm Street, the town of Springwood decides to forever end Freddy Krueger's (Robert Englun (more…)
Man and Boy
18:55 — A father takes justice into his own hands when he thinks his son has been sexually assaulted. A suspected paedophile lies dead outside a block of high (more…)
Homicide: Life On The Street: Self Defense Trailer
01:24 — Is Gee in line to be the next captain? Stivers and Falsone investigate the death of a man shot in his own bed. A drunk Gharty proposes to Billie Lou.
Homicide: Life On The Street: I've Got A Secret Trailer
01:01 — The detective must determine if shoddy surgery is to blame when a burglar, who had recently been treated for a gunshot wound, is found dead.
Homicide: Life On The Street: Sniper (Part 1) Trailer
01:08 — The New Year starts with a clean board, but it doesn't last long- a sniper starts killing random victims, and the detectives work through his cryptic (more…)
Homicide: Life On The Street: The Documentary Trailer
01:49 — Brodie's documentary reveals "lies and hidden truths" about a case. The camera crew stumbles onto the set of something called "Homicide," direced by B (more…)
Homicide: Life On The Street: Just An Old Fashioned Love Song Trailer
01:04 — MGee and Ballard look into a shooting involving a prominent sports doctor. Munch finds himself up against the IRS with a hefty IOU.
Homicide: Life On The Street: Wu's On First? Trailer
01:19 — A reporter gunks up Pembleton's case on a county cop dead because of drugs. Kellerman learns that his brothers are on the run from a bookie.
Homicide: Life On The Street: Hostage (Part 2) Trailer
01:05 — Night falls and the crisis remains at a standstill, until the hostage-taker demands that his pig be brought to the school.
Homicide: Life On The Street: Justice (Part 2) Trailer
01:40 — When the verdict in the ex-cop murder trial comes down, the victim's son takes matters into his own hands.
Homicide: Life On The Street: The Twenty Percent Solution Trailer
01:21 — Did the mystery writer's agent murder his client? It would help if Ballard and Gharty had a body. Munch wants a weekend getaway with Billie Lou, and F (more…)
Homicide: Life On The Street: The Heart Of Saturday Night Trailer
01:23 — Gee investigates a homicide at the Waterfront Bar, while Lewis and Munch look into a carjacking in which the victim's three-year-old daughter has gone (more…)
Homicide: Life On The Street: Valentine's Day Trailer
01:04 — The Pembleton's meet with their marriage counselor, while Bayliss and Kellerman try to find the connection between two deadly bombings.
Homicide: Life On The Street: Fire (Part 2) Trailer
01:09 — Mike Kellerman is asked to join the division after helping the squad investigate the fatal wareouse fires.
Homicide: Life On The Street: The Same Coin Trailer
01:17 — Munch and Mgee investigate a hit and run, and Lewis isin't sure Sheppard is ready to be back on rotation. Gharty tells his Vietnam story.
Homicide: Life On The Street: Diener Trailer
01:20 — Kellerman assures Lewis he is seeking professional advice, meanwhile Lewis is assigned to work with Pembleton-to the displeasure of both.
Homicide: Life On The Street: Sniper (Part 2) Trailer
01:07 — Russert is demoted over handling of the sniper attacks, but is recalled when a second shooter picks up where the first left off.
Homicide: Life On The Street: Hostage (Part 1) Trailer
01:04 — Higher-ups hassle Lt. Al "Gee" Giardello about Pembleton's return to duty. Meanwhile a hostage situation at a middle school erupts.
Homicide: Life On The Street: M.E. Myself And I Trailer
01:14 — A new Chief Medical Examiner joins the team, and the feds investigate Kellerman. Elsewhere, a convicted murderer confesses to another homicide.
Bone - Official Trailer
00:59 — Welcome to Beverly Hills, where upper class white married couples like Bill and Bernadette (Andrew Duggan and Joyce Van Patten) enjoy their happy life (more…)
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