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Meet the Teens and Docs of Fox's Red Band Society

Red Band Society

For the hospital kids of Red Band Society, death may be around the corner, but life is just beginning.

Set in the children's ward of a Los Angeles hospital, Red Band Society (premieres Wednesday, 9/8c, Fox) is about an unlikely group of friends who've come together — some begrudgingly — to face their life-threatening sicknesses. Zoe LevinCharlie Rowe, Brian "Astro" Bradley, Ciara Bravo and Nolan Sotillo make up the Breakfast Club-like gang, while Griffin Gluck stars as a coma patient from whose perspective and narrative the story is told.

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Don't Worry! Red Band Society Won't Have a Body Count

Red Band Society

Red Band Society focuses on a group of sick kids at a children's hospital, but viewers won't have to face the grim prospect of watching them die.

"Eighty-five percent of all kids who go to the hospital recover," writer-executive producer Margaret Nagle said at the Television Critics Association fall previews on Sunday... read more

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Spews Anti-Gay Comments in GQ Profile

Phil Robertson

A&E's Duck Dynasty has made headlines for its record ratings, but now the family's patriarch is under fire for anti-gay comments he made in GQ.

Percentage of LGBT characters on TV has dropped, GLAAD report says

In the upcoming issue, on stands December 24, Phil Robertson opens up about faith, politics and homosexuality. In one of his more explicit comments, Robertson tells the magazine, "It seems like, to me, a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man's anus. That's just me. I'm just thinking: There's more there! She's got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I'm saying? But hey, sin: It's not logical, my man. It's just not logical."

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Percentage of LGBT Characters on TV Has Dropped, GLAAD Report Says

Melissa Benoist, Alex Newell

The percentage of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) characters on broadcast networks in primetime has dropped, according to a new report from GLAAD released Friday.

According to the organization's annual "Where We Are On TV" study, LGBT characters make up... read more

Wentworth Miller Comes Out in Letter Condemning Russia's Anti-LGBT Laws

Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller revealed that he is gay in a letter condemning Russia's anti-LGBT laws.

The Prison Break star penned the letter after being invited to the Russian Film Festival. He rejected the invitation, writing... read more

My So-Called Life Cast to Reunite at ATX Television Festival

Wilson Cruz and Claire Danes

Almost 20 years after the show's debut, much of the cast of My So-Called Life will reunite at the second annual ATX Television Festival.

Taking the stage this summer will be Wilson Cruz, Devon Odessa, Bess Armstrong, Devon Gummersall and creator Winnie Holzman. Stars Claire Danes and Jared Leto are unable to attend.

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My So-Called Life Star Walks Down Memory Lane

Wilson Cruz, My So-Called Life

Back in 1994, one of the best series never to make it was born: My So-Called Life, a teen drama with such heart and truthfulness that many (including its network) didn't know what to make of it. For anyone who was a teenager — or an overgrown teenager — back then and watched each week with bated breath, the complete series is being released today on DVD in a special collectible set. TVGuide.com talked to Wilson Cruz, now 34, whose Rickie Vasquez had one of the show's most poignant storylines, about the show's legacy. TVGuide.com: After more than a decade, why does My So-Called Life still speak to people so much?Wilson Cruz: I think it took its audience really seriously but didn't take itself too seriously. In the end, what it was trying to say with the parallel storylines between the parents and the adolescent read more

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