Top 9 Fan Favorite Moments
36:12 — Check out the funniest, wildest, and most heartwarming moments from 10 seasons of "Duck Dynasty."
Duck Dynasty Willie: BIG Tipper
01:12 — Willie Robertson and a big list of politicians went for a huge dinner, and on top of the 17% added gratuity he added $5,000 on top of it!
Duck Digest: Here Lizard, Lizard
03:01 — A recap of Duck Dynasty episode 29, "Here Lizard, Lizard".
Duck Digest: Let's Go Hunting, Deer
02:44 — A recap of Duck Dynasty episode "Let's Go Hunting, Deer".
Crazy Eyes
01:32 — In this scene from the episode Hallu-Si-Nations, Si is convinced he saw a black panther, and the guys try to convince him that he just has bad eye sig (more…)
Duck Digest-Si-amese Twins
04:02 — A recap of Duck Dynasty episode 39 "Si-amese Twins".
Si's "Pur-Nurple" Flavored Duck Call
01:38 — In this scene from the episode Termite Be A Problem, Si claims that Pur-Nurple popsicles exist, and comes up with the idea for a Pur-Nurple flavored d (more…)
Sadie's Blossoming
02:08 — From dating to driving, surfing, and shooting, check out some of Sadie's biggest milestones and memorable moments from throughout the seasons.
Miss Kay's Perfect Turtle
02:08 — In this scene from the episode Scoot Along Si, Phil tries to find Miss Kay a replacement pet.
Si: The Master of Camouflage
02:02 — In this scene from the episode G.I. Si, Si wears a ghillie suit and tries to ambush Willie and Jase's teams.
Willie Robertson: I Got My Fair Share of Whooping
00:58 — Do all Southern families believe in Corporal punishment? We ask ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Willie Robertson, who tells us he got his own share of physical pu (more…)
Willie Robertson Talks Running for Office, Hugging Obama
02:58 — In his interview with Larry King, the Duck Dynasty star reveals that he’s interested in politics, explains how “America is lost” and talks about huggi (more…)
Election 2016: Which Political Endorsements Have the Most Impact?
02:19 — Hillary Clinton was just endorsed by The Service Employees International Union. Bernie Sanders has The Nurses’ Union and Donald Trump has Duck Dynasty (more…)
Willie's Workout
01:56 — In this scene from the episode "Can't Hardly Weight", Willie decides it's time to lose a few pounds.
The Pet Photographer
01:03 — In this scene from the episode Shot Thru The Heart, Miss Kay and Phil meet with a pet photographer to take some family shots with their dogs.
Duck Digest: Hallu-Si-nations
03:03 — A recap of Duck Dynasty episode 34, "Hallu-Si-nations".
Willie and Si Get Cuffed
01:13 — In this scene from the episode Si-amese Twins, Si accidentally hand cuffs himself to Willie.
Duck Digest: Battle of the Brothers
04:09 — A recap of Duck Dynasty episode 37 'Battle of the Brothers'.
Jase, the Early Bird
01:56 — "In this scene from the episode A Jase-sent Living, Jase makes a lot of noise cooking steak at 4 a.m., waking up a very unhappy Willie.
Willie Falls Asleep On the Job
01:52 — In this scene from the episode From Duck 'Til Dawn, the Duck Commander crew plays a prank on Willie.
Jase vs. Si On Everything, Including Black Panthers
01:26 — Phil discusses how Jase and Si disagree on most things, including Si's account of seeing a panther while hunting.
Phil & Miss Kay Can't Work the TV!
02:04 — In this scene from Jase and the Argonauts, the couple can't figure out how to get a DVD to play on their TV.
Family Values
01:32 — This is a video compilation of some family values of the Roberston's.
Hardly Working
02:09 — A video compliation of the The Robertsons working hard, or hardly working.
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