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Tue May 3 11:30am
Duck DynastyMen vs. Wild(Season 6, Episode 7) A&E

A survival race pits Jase and Willie against Alan and Jep.

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Tue May 3 12:00pm
Duck DynastyDe-Bug Life(Season 6, Episode 6) A&E

The guys find a gator living in one of their duck blinds. Meanwhile, Si and Willie help promote a car wash.

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Tue May 3 12:30pm
Duck DynastyCoop! There It Is!(Season 7, Episode 7) A&E

The guys renovate a chicken coop.

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Tue May 3 7:30pm
Last Man StandingBack to School(Season 3, Episode 1) CMT

In the third-season opener, Mike assists two loyal customers who need to gear up for their annual moose hunt. Meanwhile, Mike tries to convince Kristin and Ryan to transfer Boyd out of a bilingual school.

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Wed May 4 11:30am
Duck DynastyQuack in the Saddle(Season 7, Episode 3) A&E

The guys go to a horse race; Kay buys a new birdbath.

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Wed May 4 12:00pm
Duck DynastyLake Boss(Season 6, Episode 9) A&E

Jase plans a celebration for Willie's birthday in the Season 6 finale.

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Wed May 4 6:00pm
Last Man StandingBack to School(Season 3, Episode 1) HALMRK

In the third-season opener, Mike assists two loyal customers who need to gear up for their annual moose hunt. Meanwhile, Mike tries to convince Kristin and Ryan to transfer Boyd out of a bilingual school.

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Thu May 5 11:30am
Duck DynastyGood Night and Good Duck(Season 7, Episode 2) A&E

Thanksgiving tips are shared by the Robertsons.

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Thu May 5 12:00pm
Duck DynastyGlory Is the Reward of Mallard(Season 7, Episode 1) A&E

Willie goes on a business trip to Scotland in the Season 7 premiere. Meanwhile, Jep and Jessica plan a romantic getaway.

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Fri May 6 11:30am
Duck DynastyMo Math, Mo Problems(Season 7, Episode 6) A&E

Willie helps Sadie with her homework; Jase tries to outrun a truck.

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Fri May 6 12:00pm
Duck DynastyThe Cannonball Runs(Season 7, Episode 5) A&E

Jase enters an outhouse race; Willie attempts to create an extraordinary bologna sandwich.

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Fri May 6 12:30pm
Duck DynastyFriday Afternoon Lights(Season 7, Episode 8) A&E

Willie's authority is tested; Kay takes Jep and Si to an exercise class.

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Mon May 9 11:30am
Duck DynastyMaster and Duck Commander(Season 7, Episode 9) A&E

Jase and the guys transform a boat into a floating duck blind; Kay's dog misbehaves.

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Mon May 9 12:00pm
Duck DynastySweet Home Louisiana(Season 7, Episode 10) A&E

The Robertsons throw a block party to welcome Jep and Jessica to their neighborhood in the Season 7 finale.

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Mon May 9 12:30pm
Duck DynastyDrone Survivor(Season 9, Episode 4) A&E

Jep buys a drone copter to solve a bet between Jase and Phil about whether people are visible in duck blinds. Elsewhere: Willie brings Si to the chiropractor.

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Tue May 10 11:30am
Duck DynastyRenaissance Men(Season 9, Episode 6) A&E

The guys throw a Renaissance Fair birthday party for Godwin and Jep and Jessica visit a falconer to get a bird of prey for it.

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Tue May 10 12:00pm
Duck DynastyPranks for Everything(Season 8, Episode 5) A&E

An office prank war spirals out of control; Phil volunteers Willie, Jase and Jep to help Alan at the church; Korie gives Kay a surprise art class taught by someone famous.

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Tue May 10 12:30pm
Duck DynastySearch N' Decoy(Season 8, Episode 3) A&E

An argument over the best duck decoy leads to a bet between Phil and Jase; at the same time, Jessica challenges Willie to a bowling contest with Kay's "Big Sista's" club.

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Wed May 11 11:30am
Duck DynastyGrooming the Groom(Season 8, Episode 1) A&E

In the Season 8 premiere, Willie and the guys take John Luke on a golf outing, during which they offer him marital advice before his engagement party. Elsewhere, Korie's shopping trip takes longer than expected when Kay and Si tag along.

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Wed May 11 12:00pm
Duck DynastyBachelor Party Blowout(Season 8, Episode 6) A&E

The guys spend the weekend celebrating Martin's bachelor party at a hunting cabin, where things turns explosive after they find a cache of antique black-powder weapons. Meanwhile, Willie helps Kay fulfill her lifelong dream of owning a petting zoo.

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Wed May 11 12:30pm
Duck DynastyInduckpendence Day(Season 8, Episode 2) A&E

A Fourth of July barbecue features a homemade fireworks display; and Uncle Si is honored for his military service.

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Thu May 12 11:30am
Duck DynastyWild Wild Pest(Season 8, Episode 4) A&E

Jase and the guys put their newly discovered talent for ridding properties of pests to their advantage; at the same time, Sadie and John Luke receive training on how to be good employees before they begin their summer jobs at Willie's diner.

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Thu May 12 12:00pm
Duck DynastyThe Ducket List(Season 8, Episode 7) A&E

A brush with death inspires Uncle Si to create a bucket list, which he asks the guys to help him complete. Meanwhile, Kay sets out to prove to Willie and Alan that she graduated from high school.

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Thu May 12 12:30pm
Duck DynastyPit Perfect(Season 8, Episode 8) A&E

A Duck Commander-sponsored NASCAR race inspires Jase and the guys to try their hand at being on a pit crew. Meanwhile, Willie and Korie challenge John Luke and his fiancée Mary Kate to a doubles tennis match.

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