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Mon Feb 2 5:55am
Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd ENC

Prequel taking place in 1986 when Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne first met while in high school. Dissatisfied with being stuck in remedial classes, the dense duo set out to prove that they can attend classes with their peers of normal intelligence.

Wed Feb 4 8:00am
The Steve Harvey ShowWhat You Won't Cue for Love(Season 3, Episode 6) BET

Lovita and Regina (Terri J. Vaughn, Wendy Raquel Robinson) take on Steve and Cedric in a pool tournament. Byron: Wayne Wilderson. Suzy: Ludo Vika. Leo: Robert Hegyes. Bob: Chip Heller.

Wed Feb 4 8:37am
The Steve Harvey ShowRent(Season 3, Episode 8) BET

Steve's girlfriend (Vanessa Williams), who works for the IRS, learns that Cedric is committing tax fraud. Helen: Wendy Worthington. Bjorn: Chris Northup. Lovita: Terri J. Vaughn.

Thu Feb 5 8:00am
The Steve Harvey ShowEverybody Loves Regina(Season 3, Episode 7) BET

Junior and Vincent (Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell) return, and Junior asks Regina to go out with his brother (Busta Rhymes). Sheila: Daphnee Lynn Duplaix. Romeo: Merlin Santana..

Thu Feb 5 8:37am
The Steve Harvey ShowEvery Boy Needs a Teacher(Season 3, Episode 9) BET

Regina agrees to date the "man-boy" (Boris O. Kodjoe) who services the office water cooler. Glenda: Varnee Watson Johnson. Lydia: Lori Beth Denberg. Romeo: Merlin Santana.

Fri Feb 6 8:00am
The Steve Harvey ShowLovita Doesn't Live Here Anymore(Season 3, Episode 13) BET

After a fight with her mama, Lovita moves in with Cedric. But when Regina sympathizes, Lovita moves in with her. Lovita: Terri J. Vaughn. Regina: Wendy Raquel Robinson. Bullethead: William Lee Scott.

Fri Feb 6 8:30am
The Steve Harvey ShowThe Snow Job(Season 3, Episode 11) BET

A snowstorm strands Lovita (Terri J. Vaughn) at Steve's, while Cedric waits out the blizzard at Regina's. Regina: Wendy Raquel Robinson. Lydia: Lori Beth Denberg. Romeo: Merlin Santana.

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