William H. Macy

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: William Hall Macy Jr.
  • Birth Place: Miami, Florida, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Writer, Producer
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Fri Feb 23 5:16pm
ERSharp Relief(Season 4, Episode 12) POP

Ross plans to surprise Hathaway with a quickie wedding, but she has a surprise of her own; Weaver (Laura Innes) uncovers some disturbing facts about Synergix that makes her question her relationship with Ellis; Carter's cousin, Chase, tries to kick his her (more…)

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Fri Feb 23 6:00pm
Focus FLIXe

A timid office worker tries to deal with hatred and anti-Semitism in 1940s Brooklyn, causing conflict in his community as a result of mistaken identity during the height of World War II.

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Fri Feb 23 8:00pm
Jurassic Park III NIK

A couple lure paleontologist Alan Grant (Sam Neill) to a dino-infested island and ask him to find their missing son. William H. Macy, Tea Leoni. Creaky plot, dazzling special effects. Joe Johnston directed.

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Sat Feb 24 12:00pm
ERBreach of Trust(Season 13, Episode 12) POP

Pratt and Hope are shaken after a patient in their care dies needlessly; Gates and Neela are confronted by his current flame; Kovac makes a painful decision when he must enact budget cuts. Meg: Paula Malcomson.

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Sat Feb 24 1:00pm
ERA House Divided(Season 13, Episode 13) POP

Luka reacts negatively when he sees Abby giving extra attention to a patient; Meg becomes infuriated when Gates moves out; Pratt is questioned by the police after one of his patients dies; Weaver makes a pivotal decision.

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Sat Feb 24 2:00pm
ERMurmurs of the Heart(Season 13, Episode 14) POP

A desperate Ames (Forest Whitaker) steps up his quest for revenge against Kovac while Abby relentlessly tries to protect her family. At County, Sam has unsettling suspicions about the cause of the fire that set her home ablaze. As Sarah looks on, Gates and (more…)

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Sat Feb 24 3:00pm
ERDying Is Easy...(Season 13, Episode 15) POP

With Pratt defending his work at the church clinic to the medical board and Kovac absent, Morris steps up as the lone attending in a busy ER; Abby treats a comedian on the verge of the big time but is concerned when he does not take his illness seriously; (more…)

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Sat Feb 24 4:00pm
ERCrisis of Conscience(Season 13, Episode 16) POP

Gates and Kovac struggle over how best to treat a patient with liver failure, while Neela has concerns about a decision made by Manish (Aasif Mandvi). Meanwhile, Ray investigates an accidental fall.

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Sat Feb 24 5:00pm
ERFrom Here to Paternity(Season 13, Episode 17) POP

Abby and Pratt do their best to save a family suffering from frostbite; and Dubenko's new intern has Neela seeing green. Meanwhile, Gates deals with the reemergence of his father (Stacy Keach) and the possibility of losing Sarah.

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Sat Feb 24 6:00pm
ERPhotographs and Memories(Season 13, Episode 18) POP

Sam finds it hard to be away from Alex on her birthday, plus she has to contend with an intrusive photographer (Annabella Sciorra) taking pictures of a terminal patient; Dubenko's new surgical intern unsettles Neela, who is no longer the star of the surgic (more…)

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Sat Feb 24 7:00pm
ERFamily Business(Season 13, Episode 19) POP

After their patient succumbs to heart failure, Kovac and Gates turn their attention to the man's helpless father (Robert Prosky); and Pratt tries to resolve the tension between him and his brother. Meanwhile, an Armenian man puts himself at risk while act (more…)

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Sat Feb 24 8:00pm
ERLights Out(Season 13, Episode 20) POP

While Kovac is under pressure to clear out overflow patients before County shuts down for renovations, tensions flare between Gates and his father (Stacy Keach). Meanwhile, Pratt is unnerved when his brother shows up in the ER without warning; and Sam bond (more…)

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Sat Feb 24 9:00pm
ERI Don't(Season 13, Episode 21) POP

The staff think they are attending a departmental dinner, but soon learn the event is a surprise wedding---planned by an eager groom for a tentative and unsuspecting bride.

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Sat Feb 24 10:00pm
ERSea Change(Season 13, Episode 22) POP

Pratt attempts to change his ways for the sake of a love interest; a new doctor (Stanley Tucci) takes up residence at County; newlyweds Abby and Luka adjust to being husband and wife, while Hope and Morris take advantage of the honeymoon suite.

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Sat Feb 24 11:00pm
ERThe Honeymoon Is Over(Season 13, Episode 23) POP

Kovac leaves his new bride and ER staff in the hands of a new chief (Stanley Tucci) bent on change while he visits his ailing father back in Croatia. Meanwhile, Neela puts herself in a life-threatening situation when she attends an antiwar rally; and Gates (more…)

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Sun Feb 25 7:10am
Focus TMC

A timid office worker tries to deal with hatred and anti-Semitism in 1940s Brooklyn, causing conflict in his community as a result of mistaken identity during the height of World War II.

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Sun Feb 25 11:40am

The Coen brothers' sly drama about a policewoman (Frances McDormand) who's trying to determine how several murders and a kidnapping are linked to an unassuming car salesman (William H. Macy). Showalter: Steve Buscemi. Grimsrud: Peter Stormare.

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Mon Feb 26 12:30pm
Ghosts of Mississippi SUND

Portrait of a noble lawyer who reopens the case of the 1963 assassination of civil-rights activist Medgar Evers.

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Mon Feb 26 3:00pm
ERCarter's Choice(Season 4, Episode 13) POP

A blizzard strands the E.R.'s new blood supply at the airport, and Carter must decide whether to give the remaining units to a rapist or save them for a more respectable patient. Meanwhile, Corday makes advances toward Benton. Del Amico: Maria Bello.

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Mon Feb 26 4:08pm
ERFamily Practice(Season 4, Episode 14) POP

Greene flies to San Diego when his mother (Bonnie Bartlett) falls and is hospitalized. His concern increases when he finds her acting "completely loony and out of control." To make matters worse, he butts heads with his dad (John Cullum) over her care. Cyn (more…)

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Mon Feb 26 5:15pm
ERExodus(Season 4, Episode 15) POP

Corday (Alex Kingston) crawls through a collapsed building to rescue a man whose right arm is trapped under the rubble; a toxic chemical spill turns the ER into a hazardous zone and has Carter (Noah Wyle) and staffers scrambling to evacuate patients. Dewey (more…)

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Tue Feb 27 8:15am
Marmaduke HBO2

A super-size Great Dane named Marmaduke, who's prone to making messes, moves with his loving family to California where he suffers from culture shock and tries to win the heart of a female canine.

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Tue Feb 27 3:00pm
ERMy Brother's Keeper(Season 4, Episode 16) POP

Ross prepares to present a paper on pediatrics, and he treats a 6-year-old boy who may have been poisoned by a family member. Meanwhile, Carter is shocked to discover a familiar face when some overdosed heroin users are brought in. Millicent: Frances Stern (more…)

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Tue Feb 27 4:08pm
ERA Bloody Mess(Season 4, Episode 17) POP

Jeanie fears Scott Anspaugh's cancer may have returned; Hathaway learns a disturbing secret about a 16-year-old girl; a pregnant patient (Kimberly Russell) fears she'll miscarry; Morgenstern (William H. Macy) returns to work, but perhaps too soon after his (more…)

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  • Birth Name: William Hall Macy Jr.
  • Birth Place: Miami, Florida, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Writer, Producer