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VIDEO: Watch the Trailer for Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Heroes in a Half-Shell are back!

In Michael Bay's upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, New York City has been plunged into an era of violence and fear at the hands of Shredder (William Fichtner) and his Foot Soldiers, and it's up to the four titular crime-fighters to restore order.

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Ask Matt: RIP Bunheads and The Glades, Plus Downton, Fall TV Promos and More

The Crazy Ones

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Question: Recently, Amy Sherman-Palladino gathered some of the cast to film a goodbye dance to the much-beloved ABC Family series Bunheads. I admit it, watching it made me a little misty. I wish more creators respected their fans and casts enough to provide such closure. Do you think such series codas will, or should, become more common? Also, do you think they are a good or bad thing for fans and show runners? Meaning: Does it just prolong the fans' agony of letting a favorite show go by keeping them hoping for one more taste and, on the creative side, label creators as undesirable to work with if they're unable to let their failed ideas go, potentially preventing them from getting future projects produced because no one just wants a copy of something that didn't work elsewhere?

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Ask Matt: Under the Dome and Summer TV, Burn Notice, True Blood, Emmy Noms and More

Mike Vogel

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Question: I, like many others, read the novel Under the Dome and was sorely disappointed with the ending. I read an article about changes that are coming to the TV version. I was glad about that and am now going to give it a try. But I also read that it may become a series instead of a 13-episode miniseries. Is that true? I'd much rather this be a miniseries as opposed to a series lasting multiple seasons. The story doesn't really lend itself well to playing out over several years. Do you know if it will continue past 13 episodes? — Beth

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The Weekend Playlist: Maids, Discovery Gets Naked, ABC's Whodunnit?


It's so hard finding good shows about help these days.

PBS' hit Brit import Downton Abbey, which humanizes the servants and nobility with equal sensitivity and wit, is an exception. In the second cable series within a month depicting the class divide between the unhappy rich and the equally conflicted domestics who tidy their fabulous homes if not their messy lives, both extremes of the economic scale are patronized with cartoonish levels of camp and melodrama.

If you liked Marc Cherry's Desperate Housewives, then you're pretty much already seen Lifetime's Devious Maids — what's next, Dangerous Masseuses? The characters and situations may be different, but creator/executive producer Cherry's signature tone of arch cattiness leavened with sentimental schmaltz is unmistakable... read more

NBC Sets Summer Premiere Dates for a New Singing Competition Series and More

Jane Lynch

NBC has set summer premiere dates for new series Crossing Lines, The Winner Is... and Hollywood Game Night.

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Oscars Promo: Josh Duhamel and Megan Fox Team Up to Find "The One They Call the Host"

Billy Crystal

After Eddie Murphy resigned as Oscars host in November, getting Billy Crystal to host the ceremony for a ninth time apparently wasn't as easy as picking up the phone.

In the first promo for The 84th Annual Academy Awards, Josh Duhamel and Megan Fox are forced to travel to the furthest location on Earth (Mongolia, duh!) to find "the one they call the host" in a Funny or Die-produced clip also featuring William Fichtner, Vinnie Jones and Crystal's former co-star... read more

Entourage Admits Caan, Fichtner, Letscher

Scott Caan, William Fichtner, Matt Letscher

Scott Caan, William Fichtner and Matt Letscher have signed on to guest-star on Entourage's upcoming sixth season, TVGuide.com has confirmed.

Caan will play Scotty Lavin, a talent manager who becomes E.'s headache this season. Fichtner (Prison Break) takes on the role of slick TV producer Phil Yagoda, who is trying to remake his hit 1990s teen series for Drama. Letscher, who got some confusing screen time opposite Calista Flockhart on Brothers and Sisters this season, plays Dan Coakley, a TV exec who oversees Drama's TV series.

Entourage returns Sunday, July 12 at 10:30 pm/ET.

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It's as Different as Night and Day for William Fichtner

William Fichtner by Jordan Strauss/ WireImage.com

Prison Break's William Fichtner has broken out into a new role.The actor, who plays Agent Mahone on the Fox series, has landed the lead role in the new TNT drama Night and Day, The Hollywood Reporter reports.Joining him on the series is another TV familiar face: former ER staffer Sherry Stringfield.Described as "fast-paced" and "gritty," Night will explore the life of Fichtner's Dan Hollister, a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent who works for a special threat intervention task force. Stringfield will play his stay-at-home wife, Elizabeth.It is unsure how the deal will affect Fichtner's role on Prison Break, but his contract expires after this season.Night will be written and produced by Todd Robinson and 24 mastermind Joel Surnow, who helped Fichtner snag the role of Hollister. — Joyce Eng read more

VIDEO: Has Prison Break's Mahone Gone Very Bad?

William Fichtner previews what's ahead for Prison Break's Season 4, premiering Monday, Sept. 1, at 8 pm/ET — including a possible reversal of allegiances for disgraced FBI agent Mahone. Plus: Guess who's resurfacing in the season premiere? (Having since seen the first episode, I can now tell you it's a pivotal return.) — Matt MitovichMore Prison Break Previews:• The cast asks their burning questions about the new season• Jodi Lyn O'Keefe reveals Gretchen's shocking romance• Wade Williams: Will Bellick escape the Sona prison?• Robert Knepper teases T-Bag's plan for the "bird book" read more

William Fichtner Talks About Porn (and the Prison Finale)

William Fichtner in The Amateurs

Before he ever strapped on (ultimately disgraced) FBI agent Alexander Mahone's holster, William Fichtner made a porn film... within the plot of The Amateurs, an engaging little indie that slipped in and out of theaters but is now available on DVD (shop Amazon). TVGuide.com invited Fichtner to reflect on the film's extremely fun shoot, as well as preview what's ahead on Fox's soon-to-conclude Prison Break. TVGuide.com: I interviewed you a few years back, just as Invasion was about to... you know, vanish.William Fichtner: Oh, yes, I do remember that! [Laughs] TVGuide.com read more

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